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  1. Sync Media Radio Overview - how to update, pair, and use all features

    For those eagerly awaiting their delivery, here’s a great tutorial from Cars With Steve on the Maverick Sync Media System. Learn how to update, pair, and use all features. Click Here: 2022 Ford Maverick Sync Media Screen
  2. Will The XLT Hybrid hold better value than the AWD?

    The matter of the hybrid being more popular is undisputed but value is a tricky subject. One thing for sure is that supply drives demand. The hybrid being the lower-cost, standard model almost guarantees that it will be in greater supply driving down it’s price. Think every pool and lawn...
  3. Lowered Maverick pickup haters look away! This one is slammed / dumped on bags

    This is very impressive work. We need designers and fabricators to push the edges of comfort! This is where we see innovation and ultimately the more popular trends wind up in high demand. My hat is off to those who take chances and go their own way. Bravo!
  4. It's not the Maverick I ordered, but it is the one I bought

    Any chance someone can make a hitch bracket for the license plate? One where the license plate can fold up and still allow access to the receiver would be cool.
  5. Oil change on 2.0L Ecoboost non-Fx4 package.

    Yeah, someone needs to figure out what would need to be cutout for the access panel to remain on during oil filter and oil drain. Since it’s easy to cut, all you need is to cut a hole for oil filter removal and a little hole for the drain. Sure would make life easier for us who go to less...
  6. Custom Tailgate Tie Down That Work With Tailgate Assist Installed (Recovers Lost Tiedown)

    Love this design. You have some real sheet metal smithing skills! Sure would be great if someone made metal, access covers for the rear cargo bed cubbies. The factory plastic ones are crap and aren’t secure at all.
  7. Emergency Stuff in Your Truck? What Do You Carry For Emergencies?

    Would be nice to find a magnetic bag, like a Motorcycle, tank bag that can fit behind the back seat. Just attach it to the bare metal.
  8. Hybrid AWD Worth The Cost?

    Oh wow, great question! Will they sell for more than MSRP or will supply be caught up with demand, where you see every pool company and lawn service running around with these… How would that impact your decision to trade/sell?
  9. Would it be a completely (redacted) move

    I would say, don’t share your quotes from other dealers as your not likely to get anywhere. I feel like these dealerships are in a win-win scenario, where they have a highly-motivated buyer on the hook for x-price and if you walk, they can keep your vehicle and find a buyer to pay x+++price!
  10. Ford Air Design Fender Flares installed on XLT

    Wow, very nice! I like how they really make the wheelwell pop and they don’t stick out too much. Could even use these on lowered, large-diameter wheels. Really like the Cactus color too. Makes me wish I didn’t go with the ol basic-bitch gray.
  11. ROVP vs. COVP

  12. ROVP vs. COVP

    I am more afraid about that kinda stuff, the shenanigan these dealers all play, when it comes time to pick up the vehicle. Fortunately, we are on the second wave of orders and the first wave of hybrid orders and their subsequent deliveries, will tell us a lot about what we have to expect and...
  13. ROVP vs. COVP

    Yeah, my eyes start to roll when I hear that crap… don’t get me started on dealer add-ons and services. If I hear or read about another paint enhancer, I’m going to flip out!
  14. ROVP vs. COVP

    I took a look at the Greenway 2.0L too but they wanted the most obscene mark-up. Not sure if you noticed when you drove it: Look closely, yeah that’s 10K! Greenway really gave me a bad impression too. For us, Floridians, it truly is a lesser of evils. I’m in the same boat with my daughter...
  15. ROVP vs. COVP

    Oh thank you but no. I ended up going with Mullinax Apopka. Time will tell if they are reputable but I guess we are all along for a ride, or lack thereof… :ROFLMAO:
  16. ROVP vs. COVP

    Yes, she did. I had to go back and double-check she did, too. this is what I got from Peacock Ford: May be informative for you to compare your experience. Sounds like you did better than me!
  17. ROVP vs. COVP

    I would try to get them to sign the DORA, if you have one. I don’t know much about Peacock other than they are well established. Maybe someone more knowledgeable can chime in.
  18. ROVP vs. COVP

    Congratulations on your order! Which Central-Florida Dealership did you order from? This may help, as many are VERY unscrupulous.
  19. Hybrid AWD Worth The Cost?

    I was wondering is the reason Ford didn’t release an AWD Hybrid because of cost? The Hybrid power plant is matched with an eCVT transmission because it’s more fuel efficient but more importantly, less expensive. The good thing is it’s passed down to the consumer with a low base-price. One of...