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  1. Are you Ceramic Coating your Maverick ? Cost ?

    Wouldn't the weeks/months-long delay between build and actual delivery be part of this curing process? I wouldn't see an issue with coating a new car since it's not like you're picking it up right from the assembly line that day.
  2. Hybrid Maverick 2.5 MPG Mileage Test - by TFL

    I'm hoping a tonneau cover legitimately helps MPG by a couple percentage points, thereby negating the couple of percentage points I'll probably lose by putting AT tires on!
  3. My little arts and crafts project

    * involuntarily shivers *
  4. 🚨 Hybrid Maverick 2.5L is OKTB!

    Don't threaten me with a good time.
  5. What do you (will you) miss from your old vehicle in the Maverick?

    My door opener is wifi and I have an app, but that's a pain of multiple phone actions (swipe, unlock, go to app, hold down open button, etc.) while driving down my street to my house.
  6. What do you (will you) miss from your old vehicle in the Maverick?

    I've seen a lot of the "no cruise control in XL trim" posts and started thinking about what I'll miss once my Maverick (finally) gets here. For me it's definitely the no HomeLink button for garage door openers. Sounds trivial but I've had something built into my visor for probably the last 20...
  7. Added sound insulation to the Hood.

    Nice photos, interesting to hear if cabin sound is reduced from the EB engine.
  8. How many of you Mav owners have seen another Mav on the road?

    I haven't even seen MINE yet...
  9. Tailgate Assist - installed notes, pics, video

    Check this guy out:
  10. OFFER NOW CLOSED - 400 ORDERS!!! - THANK YOU!!! - 4% under invoice with @dealersider

    Great to hear! Chapman on the Boulevard or up in Horsham? I went through Ed at the boulevard location, process was top notch start to finish (or at least as finished as a hybrid order can be).
  11. Financing % rate lower than 1.9% for 60 months?

    I actually reconfirmed with my dealer. Rates and promo are locked in at time of order as you say. Bit of a relief!
  12. Financing % rate lower than 1.9% for 60 months?

    Anyone concerned about this 1.9%/60 month (or 0.9%/48 month) going away prior to vehicle delivery? Dealership told me the rate can't be locked in until a vehicle is delivered. Since I'm looking at a solid 6 month wait at least, I'm a bit leery...
  13. Newly installed Truxed Tonneau Cover.

    This one is high on my list but keep reading reports from people installing it and it's an inch or two short of the full bed length, so there are gaps they're running weatherstripping in. How is it front to back, full fit?
  14. Not Taking Delivery

    If it's on the internet, it must be true.
  15. Smartphone holder suction mount transforms Maverick dash cubby into functional space

    LOVE this idea. A solid piece that fills that spot, color matched, with magnet built in. Even one with a Qi charger that can be hardwired in behind the dash to charge. Come on, someone more talented than me, invent this.
  16. Family-use review of Ford Maverick (Micah Drives)

    Great review, always nice to see some personal thoughts - and personality - in these. And can't wait for their windowless white van review!
  17. Maverick in automatic carwash - N gear?

    A hundred times this. Take care of your paint, handwash it in spring/summer fall with two buckets and good soap/wash mitt, rinseless wash it in winter or if you're not around a water supply. Don't believe the "brushless" car washes as being safe for your paint.
  18. Anyone order sunroof? Worth it?

    I ordered with along with manual rear sliding window, as cracking the roof and opening the back window allows for great air flow during nice days.
  19. DIY bike rack

    Looks like he had it lifted too. Nice.