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  1. Cruise control add-on

    Looking forward to release. I didn't realize how much i would miss cruise control until I took a rode trip up to Daytona last weekend.
  2. 🚨 Hybrid Maverick 2.5L is OKTB!

    My sons Hybrid Maverick has an estimated delivery of 12/26/21 but still showing in production 🤷‍♂️
  3. Song game thread

    White CHRISTMAS - Bing Crosby
  4. Song game thread

    So crazy, I just walked into my office and this song is playing on the radio
  5. Song game thread

    All YOU Need Is LOVE - The Beatles
  6. Song game thread

    STILL Of The Night - Whitesnake
  7. Song game thread

    All In The Name Of ROCK - Motley Crue
  8. Song game thread

    Big CITY Nights - Scorpions
  9. Song game thread

    Paradise City? 🤷‍♂️
  10. Song game thread

    Another Day In PARADISE - Phil Collins
  11. Song game thread

    Just Like PARADISE - David Lee Roth
  12. Front Window Tint (now matching factory rear windows)

    Here's my CG with window tint. I am experimenting with wheel color before I purchase aftermarket wheels. I started with Graphite(as seen in pic) and will eventually spray them black.
  13. Song game thread

    FREE Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd
  14. Song game thread

    WAY WAY BACK - Luke Bryan
  15. Song game thread

    We Can Work It OUT - Tesla
  16. When are they SHIPPING Hybrids?

    Have any Hybrids actually been in built status? My sons has been showing in production for 3 weeks now and was just curious if anyone is getting a "built" email on the Hybrids.
  17. First Year Model

  18. First day with my First Edition Area 51 AWD

    I have been doing it by hand since I got my Maverick but Mlowe05 said above not too.
  19. First day with my First Edition Area 51 AWD

    I went out and tried this method and it did not work. I pulled out my owners manual and do not see anything about this. UPDATE - I tried this again on my lunch break. I turned the key on and held the wiper stalk down at the same time and then switched the key off. The wipers are now staying in...