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  1. Arrived (San Diego)

    Ron is still there. "pre-owned" manager ;)
  2. Arrived (San Diego)

    Nice. and which dealer? I ordered mine from El Cajon Ford.
  3. CACTUS GRAY Maverick Club

    nice! gun metal ? plastidip ?
  4. Co-Pilot 360 and power mirrors for XL

    On the XL, the side mirrors are 'manual'. I added the co-pilot 360 and the dealer said that would make my side mirrors 'powered' because of the blindspot light indicators. if that's the case, what a bonus. can some Maverick autthority confirm this?
  5. Ford Air Design Fender Flares installed on XLT

    these work well w/ the black trim. looks great.
  6. Painted my Maverick

    i kid! :) found this in cyberspace. who here would do this ?
  7. My cousin had a wonderful time with my Lariat last night 😭

    suuure it was your "cousin" .... *wink* ;)
  8. Order confirmed on but no order number?

    hi. i placed an order with my dealer and got a confirmation from but doesn't seem to have an order number i see that there's an option to track the order using an 'order number' is this number available only when the truck is scheduled?