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  1. Minimum Cruise Control speed mph?

    If you say so, have at it.
  2. Minimum Cruise Control speed mph?

    Agist much?? (By the way, are you going to opt out after say 40 so you are never old? The alternative to getting old features only one option.)
  3. Minimum Cruise Control speed mph?

    Stop teaching someone to fish and start cooking for them. I'ts nearly 2022. No work, have everyone else do everything for you. It's the new way. Get with it!!!!!
  4. 🚨 Hybrid Maverick 2.5L is OKTB!

    9 days before promised. Will the naysayers repent?
  5. whens the push back date going to stop

    Please check with just about any other industry. EVERYONE is experiencing supply chain issues. It's not just your car, it's not just the Mav, it's not just the Fords, it's not just's everywhere. For your own personal mental health, recalibrate your expectations for a long...
  6. Maverick is going to get a lot more popular

    Just no speedo pics, please? ;)
  7. Maverick is going to get a lot more popular

    I am 1,000,000 percent with you and probably agree with your politics. That said, if someone injects opposite politics into this forum, I would be pissed. So I like that I can come here, we all get along , centered on 1 common item and there is/are no politic(s) to divide us. Edited because...
  8. Dash cubby phone holder mount installed

    Not 100 but I think he uses the adhesive or suction from the phone mount to the cubby hole. The "magnetized" part is where you slap a thin metal disc on the back of your phone with a good adhesive and the mount face plate is magnetized so it holds your phone. Could be wrong but that's how my...
  9. What do you (will you) miss from your old vehicle in the Maverick?

    I guhgree! First brand new car for me in 27 years because I could get all that I wanted (Lariat, Hybrid, Lux ) out the door from Chapman for under $30K. With the prices of used vehicles, this was a no brainer.
  10. What do you (will you) miss from your old vehicle in the Maverick?

    I have a 17 Tucson with the 1.6T sport package. I can zip through traffic like a fiend . (Only when the left lane is blocked. Sorry, I drive a LOT!) I will miss that. But mainly, I will (hopefully not) miss the unbelievable reliability. I am at 140,000 miles with only one front end...
  11. Ontario Mav Owners-Truck Plates or Car Plates?

    Yeah, I think California does California with the gas tax. 70 cents a gallon vs Texas being Texas at 20 cents a gallon. They know where to make the money fo sho!!!!!!
  12. XLT no rear defrost??

    Truthfully, much of the information you seek is widely available here or on the Ford site. As to whether anything would fit in your garage, you need to measure for yourself or risk listening to some anonymous knucklehead like me on the internet give you bad info and then you tear your garage...
  13. How many of you Mav owners have seen another Mav on the road?

    Saw my first in Frisco (DFW) about less than a week ago. Making a U-turn on Preston near the Kroger. That's it.......
  14. Ontario Mav Owners-Truck Plates or Car Plates?

    My Lariat Hybrid with Lux is priced just under $30K from Chapman Ford but I will pay taxes/title in Texas. Our tax on car sales is 6.25% so maybe a few hundred bucks cheaper and the registration is about $125-$150 if I can remember? It covers the annual sticker fee for the first year.
  15. Maverick Production - I see a two year wait in the future.

    Do you think.....just a slight possiblilty ........that maybe, just maybe .....the same situation applies to the Bronco also? (Besides any production snafu's).. Any chance?
  16. Maverick Production - I see a two year wait in the future.

    Please. Stop. Think. Be positive. Don't listen to the idiots. We are living in a wonderful time where a hiccup causes hysteria. Nowhere in the history of automaking has a car producer not been able to make enough vehicles for a hugely popular model. It's what they do. Please go talk...
  17. Total maverick sales in q3 2021

    What you originally posted and what the very nice and respectfully worded response teaching you how the industry works are completely opposite. Learn. Don't argue. The sales of the Maverick are outstanding for a new vehicle and only constrained by the supply chain shortage the entire world...
  18. Ontario Mav Owners-Truck Plates or Car Plates?

    What are y'all paying to license a vehicle in your province? Texas is $65 USD plus a $25 inspection. I don't think they still do it in MN but some folks with bigger vehicles paid up to $2,000 and I think California is kind of the same way. The more your car costs, the more you pay.
  19. First tank with my Maverick and thoughts

    What state are you driving 65MPH on the highway in? That's criminal in Texas. ;)
  20. Saw my 1st Maverick in the Wild-It was Cyber Orange

    Spotted my first in Frisco, TX (DFW). Believe it was a carbonized gray XLT. 2 days ago.