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  1. Shelby Maverick Rendering

    Nascar got fuel injection less than a decade ago. Formula 1 uses 1.6 liter turbos and doesn't even allow refueling during a race.
  2. Shelby Maverick Rendering

    Nurgburgring credentials and excessive power in a street car are just for posers that treat public roads like a race track. These kinds of stats are just as useless as tarted up styling. Just to be clear, I think any car that isn't just a functional thing with reasonable power, styling, and...
  3. Difference between 17 and 18 inch wheels

    But not really that much on wheel diameter alone. That's my point.
  4. Shelby Maverick Rendering

    The cars you call bad ass are just posers machines. We just have different opinions about what defines a poser. Tuned V8s used to matter before you could get 300hp from a 2 liter four.
  5. Difference between 17 and 18 inch wheels

    Meh. I had a Ram with 20s and the stock Goodyears could be had for under $100 each.
  6. Best tires for hybrid?

    Unfortunately there's no such thing as a LRR A/T tire, at least not that I can find. Based on specs alone, the stock Continental Crosscontact tires seem to be excellent. You could go with some Michelin summer tires for more grip, but the treadwear is pretty terrible on those.
  7. What oil brand will you be using ?

    I get your point too. Why use something that isn't approved when plenty of approved alternatives are out there? I'm just glad to see so much activity on a thread about regular maintenance.
  8. What oil brand will you be using ?

    I like to think any full synthetic from a reputable manufacturer will be fine.
  9. Shelby Maverick Rendering

    Could argue that any modern car with a high performance V8 is just a tarted up poser mobile. You wouldn't believe the number of Corvettes holding up traffic in the left lane around here.
  10. Difference between 17 and 18 inch wheels

    ^This. It's really about the thickness of the sidewall. Thinner for handling and thicker for ride quality. I personally prefer the smaller wheels to reduce weight and rotational inertia for better acceleration and braking.
  11. TFL Compares Maverick Hybrid to the Original Ford Ranger

    EPA started cracking down on emissions requirements 20 years ago, but there was an exemption for trucks. The caveat is that this exemption was based on the total footprint of the vehicle. So the decision came down to making small trucks more efficient or making them bigger. We all know how...
  12. Is The Lariat Worth It? - NO; Is The XLT Worth It? - NO

    Confused why someone would start a thread claiming a trim isn't worth the money then preoccupy themselves about the color of the wheels on said trim.
  13. Collectible

    Not sure why you would need to store Oreos anywhere. Should be consumed immediately upon purchase.
  14. Is The Lariat Worth It? - NO; Is The XLT Worth It? - NO

    This is the way. Gotta take full advantage of these interest rates.
  15. Is The Lariat Worth It? - NO; Is The XLT Worth It? - NO

    I thought the XLT isn't worth it. Very confused!
  16. Shelby Maverick Rendering

    Drum brakes are making a comeback too. So is leaded gas.
  17. X-plan membership

    I qualify for X-Plan pricing through my employer. You may want to check if you do too.
  18. Bad experience with drop shipping (Ford Franklin MA)

    Imagine trying to do business with a dealership by paying them a fair price for a service.
  19. Greediest Maverick Dealerships in the US - ADM Markup List

    Telluride is the hottest car in America right now. Might we worthwhile shop around to see what your son can get for it without repairs.
  20. White Lightning XL Has Arrived With Factory Hood Stripe, Decals & Parts

    Any particular reason you chose the black hood deflector instead of smoke?