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  1. Road & Track review of the Maverick: Perfect Size For City-Truck Duty

    "Around the city, the 191-horsepower 2.5-liter base hybrid powerplant was plucky," PLUCKY???? Is that the best word they can come up with to describe the 2.5 Hybrid, plucky??? Who writes this dribble and what the heck does "plucky" even mean toward a vehicle's powertrain anyway??
  2. Hybrid power, how does it feel?

    I have driven the 2020 Escape Hybrid and have even gone into some hilly country since I live here in North Idaho and the Escape Hybrid has no problem going up hills or mountain passes with the cruise set to 70mph. Elevation does not seem to affect the Hybrid powertrain as much as just a regular...
  3. K&N 33-3131 drop in air filter installed on 2.0 Maverick

    Is wish there was one avaiable for the Hybrid but K&N does not have a part number yet!