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  1. Ford said Maverick ineligible for X-Plan

    I was able to get my dealership to honer the X plan for owning 100 shares of stock. I personally went in about a month after purchase and the manager gave me 200K in Ford Pass points ($1k). it think they were just doing me a solid, I used them to order the trifold Tonneau cover. I hope this...
  2. 2" lift kit from Fordrangerlifts installed and review, including off-road

    That looks sick….nice going. Did you install yourself? If yes, what was the difficulty level. The front seems straight forward. I keep wondering if the will be a 2” lift kit that include a longer strut vs spacers. This might be a lift from someone like King Shocks or possible Fox. I’m not a...
  3. Installed BFG KO2 tires with white letters

    That is really nice to know, both seem to be very good choices
  4. Tonneau covers - trifold vs hard roll up?

    Diamondbacks website now has the Maverick loaded with pricing. I called and it won’t be out until first QTR 2022.
  5. Will The XLT Hybrid hold better value than the AWD?

    The federal and state rebate would be nice too…I think it’s roughly 8k between the two.
  6. Installed BFG KO2 tires with white letters

    If I remember right the BFG‘s weight much less than the competitor. That would really help support the MPG‘s. I have really had a tough time determining between the KO2’s or the Toyo ATIII. I have not had Toyoin the past, but they look nice too.
  7. Installed BFG KO2 tires with white letters

    80 per tire, very nice…. Discount offered me $100 for the complete set…they had 123 miles on them at the time. I declined 🤔 did the road noise increase considerably? I have this tire on my 3/4 ton and they are great. Not the greatest wear, but I tow a heavy trailer most of the time.
  8. Lowered Maverick pickup haters look away! This one is slammed / dumped on bags

    Awesome looking ride, great detail. Thank you for sharing…
  9. Will The XLT Hybrid hold better value than the AWD?

    I see you want to argue with just about everyone, good for you…I would say anytime you can fit in Twinkie that’s a win.
  10. Will The XLT Hybrid hold better value than the AWD?

    No worries, you seem to want to be is disagreement. I see the pros and cons in each gas and EV. My view is what I found when trying to find my next vertical. Good luck in finding someone to argue with, I’m sure you will be able to find someone.
  11. Will The XLT Hybrid hold better value than the AWD?

    Actually without getting into your math you have already made a glaring error that effect most of us that live in colder environments Although some EV’s have improved the HVAC with a heat pump many still don’t have this option. Only in 2020 did the Tesla all in the Model Y and late 2020 in the...
  12. Will The XLT Hybrid hold better value than the AWD?

    It’s always good to hear alternative views of subjects such as these. I’m not against EV, but only pointing out questions I would ponder When making large purchases. I installed solar on my house roughly 12 months ago and it has been a good investment. We get over 300 days of sun per year and...
  13. Will The XLT Hybrid hold better value than the AWD?

    your numbers are pretty extreme, but they can be easily used to determine the correct course of action. scenario number one if the 2wd with cost you 30k(wow salesman must have liked you), you get 200k miles, replacement Battery is 35k. What a deal… at this point you still will have 15 year...
  14. Will The XLT Hybrid hold better value than the AWD?

    my thought, if you buy a hybrid for sub 20k and the battery lasts about 8 years and assume average annual millage of 12k thus (100k) at the time of battery replacement. Will the truck hold enough value to justify the battery replacement cost? The question to ask Ford is what is the replacement...
  15. Start Stop Battery Questions

    I had disconnected the Start/stop with the battery terminal for a few weeks (See photo below). It was also a annoying since a “battery charging error” in the info display had to be cleared each time the vehicle was started. I determined the auto start/stop Eliminator was worth the $100 for a...
  16. Upgraded 2.0 EcoBoost turbos coming from Buschur, pics of the tiny stock factory turbo

    Here In Colorado, all you need to do is park in a public parking lot (a.k.a Walmart) There is free cat converter removal and only takes 60 sec or so😂😂😂
  17. All-New 2023 Ford Ranger Revealed!

    They had me at turbo diesel……that was on my wish list for the Mav along with 6 speed manual. imagine a Mav with a tourbo diesel🤔. It would have great power, clean, and get 40plus MPG.
  18. Ford surface care mandatory?

    I had another dealer, tell me the same. My guess this is a ceramic coating and is thier way of making more cash. I was hustled into window eching and a insurance for a replacement key. What’s the weather the market if I didn’t pay somebody else would’ve
  19. Ceramic Coating applied to my 2022 Maverick - pics

    I first contacted SystemX regarding ceramic product after using the consumer grade product for the past few years. I had to provide some videos of paint correction process, application of product, and finished vehicles to become an authorized installer. I would say as many others have pointed...