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  1. Lariat Lux Package includes HD Radio?

    Okay, I’ll bite… whats “HD” radio?
  2. Will The XLT Hybrid hold better value than the AWD?

    Only you, the purchaser, can identify the weight of your decision making criteria. This is one thing that makes this truck so cool, it has polar opposite offerings which attract polar opposite buyers with polar opposite criteria. Affordable hybrid, or turbo AWD luxury. But your question and...
  3. Lowered Maverick pickup haters look away! This one is slammed / dumped on bags

    Wow, very bold direction and looks great. I live in a very rainy city so the roof doesn’t work for me, but I wish it did. The air ride kit looks very cool, and while it is optimized to drop it, has (or does) anyone make one one to give a lift when you need it?
  4. DIY dash cubby frame / holder for kleenex tissues

    And that, for me, is the problem…
  5. Has anyone noticed?

    Double edge sword there… Open so dirt can get in there but I assume it isn’t trapped so what doesn’t fall out can be washed out. Seal it up and I can guarantee dirt will still collect there but make it harder to drain out or clean.
  6. Pop up campers great for Maverick 4k tow

    Hardest I ever laughed was watching a buddy deal with broken cables on his partially deployed tent trailer in the pouring rain…in their defence it was an old unit. I live in a very wet climate and draw backs for me have always been the limited ability to air them out before storage and the lack...
  7. Towing a small camping trailer

    What do you intend to run (load) and where do you intend to need it? moderate load (no A/C) and a good deep cycle battery with a solar panel will do fine. If you want A/C, microwave, etc… I would suggest to pony up for a site with power. going off grid, either sweat or a generator is your ticket.
  8. Upgraded 2.0 EcoBoost turbos coming from Buschur, pics of the tiny stock factory turbo

    Overkill? Not to me. Back in the day I had an early 80’s rabbit 1.7 with the Bosch CV injection. Good car, nothing I’d call fun though, it felt more like a farm tractor than anything else. Decent economy and a solid car but unless it was a GTI it was a slug by any measure. And emissions wise it...
  9. Customized Maverick Build by Galpin - Painted Grille, 17" Fifteen 52 wheels, BFG KO2 tires, H&R lift springs

    How much lift did the springs provide? Love the painted grill bar, so far on every colour I’ve seen it on.
  10. Help explain Maverick vs Bronco Sport towing

    Stability, yes, but that can be fixed with correct hitch selection and suspension tuning. Backing up and general manoeuvrability the shorter platform wins hands down. The tow capacity (or lack of it) really turned me off both Bronco’s. 3500 pounds on the full size is a joke, the Sport is useless...
  11. 20" Wheels (Ravetti) and 245/45/R20 Continental Tires installed

    Looks great, what was the offset/back spacing on those rims?
  12. All-New 2023 Ford Ranger Revealed!

    Nice truck, looks to be an improvement over the existing Ranger. would it change my purchasing decision, no. If it would have I’d already be driving one of the available competitors in that segment. My thoughts were and still are that one of these are not worth the considerable added expense and...
  13. I ordered a Jeep 4xe today

    Everyone should own a Jeep, so you know why you don’t…
  14. Shelby Maverick Rendering

    While I’m not into street trucks I like this one. It really leans on that SEMA truck’s styling.
  15. DIY dash cubby frame / holder for kleenex tissues

    Great idea, good job. It would be great if someone made a file for a 3D printed one.
  16. Maverick is now 1 of 3 finalists for 2022 North American Truck Of The Year Award

    I think the Maverick has a fair shot at it. Everyone is having production delays so I don’t think they will award based off of that. The Maverick’s base hybrid drive, affordability and high sales are its strong points. The R1T is a strong contender as well, so much there. But it’s not here and I...
  17. Best color to match the Lariat Interior

    Buy the colour you want. The interior colour choices (to me) are not great for any trim level. I was surprised they never used a neutral colour pallet (Greys and blacks go with everything). But the interior trim for the most part can be painted or covered and with a set of Katskin’s seat covers...
  18. Maverick off-roading? capability?

    The definition of “off-road” is dependent on the expectations, capabilities and experience of the person who is asking much more than that of the vehicle itself. Will it’s capability surprise some drivers, you bet. Will some drivers be disappointed, yup. If you are just starting out and the...
  19. Rear Seat Floor In-Vehicle Locking Safe by Console Vault - new Maverick Ford accessory part

    Wouldn’t it just be cheaper/easier to get the seat to lock down?