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  1. Make your own Maverick bed tie-downs: DIY bed side rail tutorial by Ford

    Thanks! Just ordered (2) 4 foot L Tracks and (8) Stainless rings for Under $70 shipped. Amazing.
  2. My 12/6 build date moved to 12/13. Anyone else?

    My original build date 12/6 was delayed to 12/13. I got an email mid Nov stating my XL would be built 11/22. Its now built awaiting shipping. ?? XL AWD 4k 360 Silver spray bed, sliding window
  3. 20" Wheels (Ravetti) and 245/45/R20 Continental Tires installed

    I think his question was more "why the FX4 if you plan on lowering? Not "why are you lowering?" Meaning: if you are not going off-road, why the FX4? Im guessing FX4 for the heavy duty radiator and fan? PS I applaud you for accommodating your wifes challenges.
  4. **** WARNING **** Photoshop concept 2022 XL

    I agree, that's one of the reasons Im only doing a 1" front leveling. I hate the look of the rear wheel "moved forward" and increased CV joint angle of the 2 " kits.
  5. **** WARNING **** Photoshop concept 2022 XL

    Amen Amen! I like your humor and Photoshop skills!
  6. **** WARNING **** Photoshop concept 2022 XL

    I actually have the XL on order and will put in the RC 1" front lift in with wheels and 245/65/17 tires. Your Photoshop looks real nice
  7. Fat Lady has sung

    He didn't say it wouldnt sell. He said it'd be one less sale for Ford. (He wont buy one)
  8. Rough Country 1" leveling kit installed

    . I heard that this amount of lift will have extreme CV angles. I noticed you asked about that in one of your posts. What did you find out about it?
  9. Gator SFX Tri-fold

    This one looks and seems like a worthy product for the price. Just scored one on sale for $239 free shipping. (On sale until 11/22/21
  10. Carbonized Gray vs Iconic Silver

    Go Silver. Everyone has Carb. Also shows the least dirt.
  11. Fwd with 1.5” level kit… would you do it?

    Lift causes steeper angle on the CV joint. Premature wear.
  12. Best aftermarket rims to get for White Maverick XL?

    I bought the Alpha Mfg. Foxtrot in black for my XL...
  13. First Lowered 2022 Maverick!

    That looks sickly. To each their own.
  14. Ordered in June still no build date

    I have to say that nothing of your order seems like that there would be such a delay? Is it possible you did get a build date but overlooked it in your email? I'd contact your dealer and start asking questions. Best of luck. FYI I ordered a highly optioned XL AWD 4k tow, 360, rear window spray...
  15. Ordered in June still no build date

    You should indicate the details of your build. Might be certain options are still unavailable. IE Hybrid, mud flaps or spray in bed liners as an example.
  16. Lifted! Maverick XL on 1.5" Readylift lift kit, 265/65 R17 tires + Bushwacker fender flares

    A deeper offset on such large tires will surely cause rubbing on turning with suspension compression. I agree a deeper offset would look better, its just a very unlikely option unless you dont mind the rub.