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  1. Factory Tires Sizes & Wheels Specs For 2022 Maverick: Width, Offset, Bolt Pattern, Center Bore, Thread Size, Weight Stock XLT hybrid wheels weight 49lbs.
  2. Just mounted my Toyo Open Country AT3 245/70/17 tires

    [QUOTE="Mike, post: Why do you care so much what others do? They paid for it if they want lift,lower what ever they want is there choice.
  3. Annoying and Worrying Rattle

    yea definitely sounds like a loose heat shield rattle.
  4. ⏱ Maverick Scheduling Upcoming Week (11/29) For 5 Production Build Weeks: 1/3/22 – 1/31/22 !

    think the weeks they show are mostly a guide line. It’s happen a couple times where they schedule for the same weeks twice.
  5. Factory Rim width?

    All 7” width.
  6. Factory Rim width?

    If you searched you’d find it in a min
  7. Custom Mavericks at LA Auto Show

    That first one says it has H&R lift springs. Coming soon maybe? Hope so.
  8. Wheel spacers for Maverick??

    We were talking about the rears the fronts already outside the fender.
  9. Wheel spacers for Maverick??

    no the outside diameter is not the same hence m14vsm12. But the lug will sit fine ether way. Or else wheels would be sold based of lugnut size.
  10. Wheel spacers for Maverick??

    M14 is the stud size. 25 mm spacers will have its own studs so you’d need two sets of lug nuts one set of M14 to atttach to the truck and a second set that matches what the studs on the spacer are.
  11. Alto Blue Lariat with BFG A/T KO2 245/65/17

    If your gonna mod your truck anything and everything could potentially void your warranty. Really just depends on dealer.
  12. Wheel spacers for Maverick??

    You’d just have to change lug nuts.
  13. Wheel spacers for Maverick??

    Your post is confusing af. But spacers not needed on this truck up front atleast rear could definitely use one tho.
  14. Ford Air Design Fender Flares installed on XLT

    According to air design they add 12mm. About half an inch.
  15. Ford Air Design Fender Flares installed on XLT

    Anymore pics from different angles. Thinking about ordering these but painting them.
  16. Hybrid for predominantly highway driving?

    If you need one soon ecoboost might be your only choice. Hybrids are sold out and it’ll be awhile before you find them at a dealer from someone who didn’t want it.
  17. Just mounted my Toyo Open Country AT3 245/70/17 tires

    Is there any manufacture that gives you this information? To me just seems like your crying about nothing. Any good tire wheel shop should be able to take measurements and give your that info before buying.
  18. Area 51 Maverick on Bronco Sport Wheels - 255/65r17 Falken WildPeak A/T3W

    Looks good. But can definitely go a little bigger there’s a few people on here running a 245/70.
  19. New wheels! fifteen52 Metrix MX 17x8.0 + Falken Wildpeak 245/70 Tires + Tint + Headlights / Taillights Mod

    The truck will probably never squat enough for the tire to hit.