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  1. 20" Wheels (Ravetti) and 245/45/R20 Continental Tires installed

    Very Cool brother! I'm going for the street look also, (when mine comes in). And I also got the FX4 package for other reasons than off roading. Looking forward to wheel shopping HA!
  2. Did you/are you going to order with LUX pack?

    Gotta remember this is a compact inexpensive (not cheap I hope), truck. I've said it before, Ford could have let you get anything you want but the price point would have been a helluva lot more expensive then the bitch would be the price for such a small truck. Cake and eat it too? Not with...
  3. Steering Column ergonomics?

    Interesting, I'll look for that. Thanks for the honest response.
  4. Steering Column ergonomics?

    Unfortunately I'm old enough to get it, and great play on words!
  5. Steering Column ergonomics?

    Awesome and good for you. Thanks for the reply. I won't be getting mine til probably May, birthday present?!!
  6. Steering Column ergonomics?

    That's great and thanks for the reply. I'm really looking forward to driving a vehicle dailey that will be comfortable.
  7. Steering Column ergonomics?

    Yes I knew it did. I was just wondering how folks like it, and or if they even use it. Back in the day lots of cars had them but then seemed to go out of fashion, (or lost for cost reduction).
  8. Steering Column ergonomics?

    I did a search and didn't find anything. Any comments from current Maverick drivers as to the telescopic steering column? I myself, although only six foot tall am all legs with a 34 inch inseam. The ergonomics of modern SUVs with their short stubby noses leaves my legs scrunched up while my arms...
  9. Tailgate Weather stripping (pics)

    I most be a dummy because I still don't know what the Escape comment means,
  10. Tailgate Weather stripping (pics)

    Thanks for the idea and post. I'll be doing this as I'll be using the bed a lot for camping equipment that I want to stay dry and clean. Unlike another poster here that doesn't seem to care if his gets all capped up.
  11. Spray-in bedliner has now been dropped on the Lux Package

    Pretty good deal seeing as how the price difference is like $125. My dealer is going halves with me on an aftermarket spray. As you said a life time warranty vs. 3 year OEM warranty
  12. License plate location

    My Wrangler is the same except on the opposite side of the bumper.
  13. Naming Your New Maverick

    I don't know yet. I'll have to see 'her' once she arrives. I call my Corvette Miss Piggy because she was such a mess when I got her. But she cleaned up well
  14. Blacked Out: More Looks @ Shadow Black Maverick Lariat FX4 + Black Wheels

    Yeah I forgot about the larger screen and yes the hooks are attached to the frame so there's that. Great points.
  15. Blacked Out: More Looks @ Shadow Black Maverick Lariat FX4 + Black Wheels

    The wheels are the only reason I ordered the FX4 package. Well I liked the looks of the exposed tow hooks also but 95% because of the wheels.
  16. Installed BFG KO2 tires with white letters

    Looks good with the white letters on you truck.
  17. Is The Lariat Worth It? - NO; Is The XLT Worth It? - NO

    You know, they actually may have done us a favor. If you have the Sirius app your phone you can hook up to the apple play and then listen to Sirius that way. with your favorites etc. on the center screen. That type of account, (streaming & app only), is a helluva lot cheaper than having a full...