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  1. How to replace the orange parts / pieces in the XLT?

    Could you please share photos of how the black parts look on your XLT?
  2. DIY dash cubby frame / holder for kleenex tissues

    Very useful idea, thanks!
  3. Chattanooga Area to Daytona Beach trip - VERY VERY happy with the fuel economy on the truck!!

    thanks for sharing. Does yours have the 4K tow package?
  4. 1" Leveling Kit from Rough Country now available for Ford Maverick - Part # 51063

    Could you please share more info on the 4WP kit you are referring to?
  5. 1" Leveling Kit from Rough Country now available for Ford Maverick - Part # 51063

    Will a 1” front space lift like this have change the ride stiffness level? Is 1” significant enough to bow the angle at which the tires make contact with the ground, or will the mechanics of the suspension arms autocorrect that angle? Looks very sharp!
  6. The three custom Maverick builds at SEMA 2021 - video walkarounds.

    Thanks, Shay for sharing here. I wonder what tire size went with these 1" lifted 17x9 wheels on the Beach Watch one. The mild lift and slim fender flares are just right for this truck, in my opinion. I haven't had much luck yet finding tire size info online.
  7. Anyone with a 10/11 production date?

    Wondering if anyone with a 10/11 production date has seen their status in the tracking tool changed to “Built” or “Shipped” yet. Mine still shows up as “In Production” status since 10/11. It’s a Carbonized Gray XLT AWD w/LUX package.
  8. Bumps and potholes - AWD vs FWD rear suspension

    I wonder how much of a ride quality difference will be noticed, between the FWD and AWD models, when going over speed bumps and potholes. Per the spec sheet, the FWD models (both the hybrid and Ecoboost fwd) have a torsion beam rear suspension, while the AWD models have an independent multilink...
  9. First Look: 2022 Maverick lights at night - bed lights, headlights, tail lights, interior cabin

    Great video! I wonder if the lighting seen in the cabin is entirely coming from the vehicle’s own cabin lights, as opposed to additional lighting added for the video.
  10. Painting the chrome pieces / bezel inside headlight housing?

    I’m hoping to be able to access the inside of the headlight so I can paint the chrome pieces of the headlight. I’m not sure yet if that’s possible. Anyone know? Also I assume it wouldn’t impact proper functionality of the headlight. Thoughts otherwise?
  11. Anyone else planning on properly customizing your Maverick XL?

    I’m hoping to be able to access the inside of the headlight so I can paint the chrome pieces of the headlight. I’m not sure yet if that’s possible. Anyone know?
  12. Torn between ecoboost or Hybrid

    Will more weight really negatively affect overall mpg on the hybrid? One would think that if there is more mass to be stopped, there is more energy to be generated (what regenerative braking is about.) Hence it seems the MPG benefit of the hybrid may potentially increase in this case (relative...
  13. Car hood insulation pad - any drawbacks?

    Are there any drawbacks one should consider before adding an insulation pad under the hood cover? By now we know that Maverick won't come with one. It seems having a hood insulation pad can help protect the paint from significant heat fluctuations, among possibly other benefits. So I'm...
  14. First look at footwell air vents on floor under Maverick front seats

    Hopefully these cables and other parts are out of reach of the rear passengers’ feet and won’t get frequently rubbed-against and dinged by their shoes. That area under the seat looks quite messy, but I haven’t checked other vehicles recently. Perhaps it is normal for most cars.
  15. Maverick at dealer on 23rd, any picture requests?

    Close-up pictures of the headlights.
  16. 2022 Maverick vs 2008 Ranger Comparison Look Side by Side

    Thanks, @administrator and @“A Dodge that drives Fords” for the pics! I’m curious to know what your Rangers’ tire diameter or tire size is.
  17. Top-of-the-bed hard fold tonneau cover recommendations

    For reference: Tonnopro: 1-888-477-3729, [email protected] Advantage: (918) 423-8788 Extang: 1-800-877-2588 Gator: 855-209-3273 Rugged: 800-433-3604
  18. Top-of-the-bed hard fold tonneau cover recommendations

    Any recommendations for top-of-the-bed hard fold tonneau covers? Here are the ones I’ve found so far and I’m interested to hear yours: (the 1st three come with a limited lifetime warranty) Tonnopro hard fold Advantage hard hat Advantage hard hat premier Extang solid fold 2.0 Gator tailback...
  19. Crawl ratio of 2.0 EB with AWD?

    Anyone know what the crawl ratio is on 2.0 EB with AWD? Curious how it compares to the baby bronco.
  20. 2022 Ford Maverick measuring session to be hosted at SEMA this week

    I hope someone is thinking about making some rails for the cab roof that can support removable crossbars. Something inexpensive.