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  1. Fuel economy at 80-85 mph

    Going 80 mph vs 60 mph on any trip over 30 minutes would save you well more than 3 minutes. It's cool if you want to drive slow, just stay to the right. Time is money!
  2. BamBeds Sleeping Platforms: General Discussion Thread

    Bravo to you sir! I wondered how long it would take for someone to balk at the price (seems to be a theme on the forum). Price and value are relative, and small businesses live or die on proper profit margin. You know your costs, you know your business, and you know your product. Props for...
  3. So your Mav won’t get built….What’s your Plan B?

    Continue to drive my Crosstrek until a Maverick shows up with my name on it. Love my wagon, but in trying to future proof my next vehicle purchase my top priorities are similar size and efficiency, greater towing capacity, and a space that better fits larger cargo. It also needs to be...
  4. Hillbilly Hot Tub

    And who can be the most right 😆
  5. Playing CDs via the USB port.

    For your time and money, it's probably cheaper, even in the long run, to just get a subscription to a music service of your choice. They already have all your CDs digitized, plus everyone else's too. Then boom, stream that stuff via Bluetooth. Going out of cell range? Wifi download a few...
  6. Factory Tracking Devices in Mavericks

    I'm in the I don't care camp - and the I don't think I'm important/interesting enough for "the man" to watch camp. Do as you will though (y)
  7. 45 day emails now arriving 😔

    Same here - but I feel like I've heard of people getting that email even after they received a build date email, yes? So conceivably we could still get another email this afternoon?
  8. Unscheduled orders now showing up on Ford Website for some order holders

    Ha, well joke might be on me then - nothing showing there either!
  9. Unscheduled orders now showing up on Ford Website for some order holders

    I'll be the first to say, downloaded the app and nothing showing for me. Which could mean everything or nothing, I don't know🤷‍♂️
  10. Can a guy get a test drive?

    The difference in his case is he called to confirm inventory, then went to the dealership. That's the action that will get you a truck. What worked in the past doesn't work anymore and unfortunately you have to be proactive. If you want attention you have to convey buying interest. Say...
  11. Seatbelt Chime Deactivation

    Live free or die bro!
  12. Can a guy get a test drive?

    If serious question, that's basically just another way for them to capture a sales lead. It's not like placing an order on Amazon; you wouldn't just simply get a test drive by clicking a button. In general, inventory is not for joy riding and a test drive is meant to be the last piece of the...
  13. Maverick ST prototype (wearing manufacturer plates) spotted at Ford facility?!

    I mean, they are built in Mexico 😏😆
  14. [Photoshoot Added] Fresh out the body shop: modified and painted Bushwacker flares, painted door handles, painted lower plastics

    This is the best 'sport truck' build to date and it's not even close. Classy and clean! 👌👨‍🍳😗
  15. DIY bed mat with Harbor Freight Anti-Fatigue Foam Mat Tiles

    I'd be a bit concerned of moisture being trapped underneath since it's non-porous. Can't argue with the price though.
  16. TRUKD V2 Rack for Maverick

    Saw these guys at their public debut at Overland Expo east in 2021 - genuinely enthusiastic guys, small but quickly growing business, and a sweet product. Looks good!
  17. Is this part safe to remove or is there an aftermarket replacement or does it not matter?

    I'm in the 'leave it alone' camp, but that's not what OP wants to hear.
  18. Has anyone tried to sell their right to purchase a Maverick back to the dealer?

    Creative thinking, but you would be laughed out of the showroom for suggesting something like that - and then ridiculed ruthlessly once you left and for all eternity thereafter.