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  1. maverick at a sports car event.

    Spectacular!!!! I wish the young man great success!!! Memory Making Times to Treasure. Great Job !!
  2. maverick at a sports car event.

    That is awesome
  3. Where to buy OEM Ford Maverick Bed Divider Kit?

    It looks pretty awesome and imagine it would work well. I have the factory rail system but opted to go the 2x6 / 2x8 pressure treated lumber route and painted them black to match the SIBL and purchased (2) of the vertical bed nets. I really like them for groceries and other smaller items...
  4. Check engine light, my light came on at 24,400 miles. I took it to the local dealer and they said said the exhaust system needs replaced. Could be up

    I seem to recall previous post about exhaust having to be replaced, not sure if the issue ruins the cat or not but seen it talked about in this forum
  5. Motortrend article on my Maverick build & engine / turbo development

    Who cares about gas mileage, it’s about Fun, Excitement and personal pleasure
  6. 561 days later....

    Congratulations!!! Wow what a wait
  7. Look what Ford sent me

    Nice, I like that! I’m betting it won’t fit in the various cup holders 🤪
  8. It’s here!!

    Awesome it finally happened!!! Congratulations
  9. Window visors

    Hot days leave the windows opened some to let heat out and not worry about rain is an example
  10. Does this kinda bug anybody else?

    Wow, Lord Have Mercy
  11. Anyone had experience towing a smaller camper?

    There's been a number of previous post. Search around using key words and you can see lots of info and pics
  12. Is Pre Collision Alert the Same as Rear Park Assist

    Pre collision alert is is for front of vehicle warning of a possible CB collision. Rear park assist is for the back of vehicle to assist in backing up with visual display and sound when your close to having contact with an object
  13. Raptor style LED amber lights installed in hood deflector

    I’m on the fence with it, understand the design challenge, but seems too thick on the hood, any way to keep the thinness of a normal hood protector on top of the hood and lower the lights and thickness in front of grill below the hood?
  14. Maverick Vs Ranger Gen 6 - Will there be a hybrid option ????

    Ford seems to be able to F anything up
  15. Rear LED light bar recommendations?

    Realize it's real pricey but appears the one on the ford accessories suppose to be plug and play, no disabling safety features, no code/errors, no hassles, headaches, swearing, etc :unsure: Maverick 2022-2023 Halogen/LED Tailgate Light Bar ~ VNZ6Z13B678A (ford.com) Good luck with the...
  16. Does your maverick sound like this?

    hum that doesn't sound healthily in the long term, no clue if its something minor or major but something sure doesn't sound right. Good Luck, hopefully your dealer can resolve it quickly
  17. Windshield crack

    (y) please keep the forum updated
  18. Windshield crack

    Seem to recall that also, maybe a stress crack?
  19. 2023 Maverick TRAILER TOW RECALL Advance Notice (11/23/22 - 2/10/23 Production Vehicles)

    Can't the dealers use the info attached in Post #165 and go ahead and fix the issue now ?