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  1. Remove Options ASAP? What?

    It really seems to be random what gets scheduled or not. I kept the hybrid and hitch but added SIBL and got scheduled the next week. Do what you think is best for your build.
  2. Interesting Op-Ed in today’s Wall Street Journal

    https://pressroom.toyota.com/toyota-announces-2-5-billion-expansion-of-north-carolina-plant-with-350-additional-jobs-and-bev-battery-capacity/ Toyota announced an additional investment of $2.5 billion in its newest North American facility, Toyota Battery Manufacturing North Carolina (TBMNC)...
  3. HYBRIDS - How are you warming up the oil before a change?

    Yeah, cooler is better than hot for the person changing the oil. The place we usually use has a big sign saying to please shut off your car while waiting and not to drive around too much before a change. They don’t like getting burned when changing the oil.
  4. What is the Closest Maverick in Proximity to Your Home

    Someone on the road into town has a grey one, not sure of trim level. Was behind an exterminator work truck (white XL EB, old school bed cap with headache rack) driving home from work today. Seen a few others on the highway but not sure where they live of course.
  5. My Ford Tracking Page Doesn't Show My Maverick

    I got schedule email last week, but not showing up in my account yet. Seems to be as random as Ford's build schedule.
  6. 📬 3/16/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING]

    Posted that I got lucky yesterday, updating the information: ⏰ 11:31 EST 📅 08 May 2023 🔢 452XX 🛻 Hybrid XL, Area 51, 360, 400w cab, SIBL, Cleat Kit, hitch 📍 Your region, if comfortable NC 🗓 02 Nov 2021 🕺 Dealer Green Ford, Greensboro NC
  7. 📬 3/16/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING]

    Will add details when off mobile and home from work.
  8. Proud Members of the 500 Days Waiting Club

    Just hoping it doesn’t get this bad!
  9. WeatherTech Mats vs. Ford Maverick Mats Comparison Review -- Conclusion: Go with WT

    I don’t have any experience with Cerakote, a while back I tried ChemicalGuys VRP on the rubber mats in our Highlander and it made them dangerously slippery. Have just left them ‘stock’ since.
  10. Mabett is selling and developing hundreds of products

    My wife looking at the credit card bill if the Maverick comes: "What's all this?" Me: "Stuff I needed for the truck." Her: "Isn't the truck brand new, do you really need all that stuff?" Me: "YESSSSSSS"
  11. Did first oil change in my XL Hybrid…..Easy

    I don't know why they don't come with access points for oil changes from the factory. Our current cars don't have the aerodynamic under cover, but when I used to drive a 2011 Prius (45 minute one way commute...yuck) the lazy oil change place was constantly leaving half of the push connectors out...
  12. How to get 60 mpg on the interstate

    60 isn't that bad if it was a 65 limit. I've almost run into (literally) a few idiots doing 45-50 on the highway around here. Although one guy who was creeping down the highway a couple years ago was a 2000-ish Camry with four (4) temporary spares on it, I can understand going slow with that...
  13. Saturday DIY project. PPF film for hood protection

    I don't know much about doing PPF by yourself, is it safe to do outside (dust/pollen/leaves a problem?) or is a garage required. We don't have a garage but can borrow a relative's, assuming I ever get the Maverick.
  14. Thieves stealing Hyundai's in 45 secs ?

    Having watched plenty of Lock-picking Lawyers videos on YouTube, I’m fully convinced 99% of locks are only good for keeping out random amateurs who check to see if the knob is unlocked out of your stuff.
  15. Ugliest of the Ugly… what’s yours?

    1978 Pinto-stang (Mustang ll) in high school. Ugly car to start plus was rusted out in spots, and had a bad muffler.
  16. Maverick Memes - fun diversion while we wait [ ** NO POLITICS ** ]

    One thing I don't miss about living in the Northeast.