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  1. Are RokBlokz the way to go for mud flaps that won't damage paint?

    I can second that the black on black is virtually invisible IRL.
  2. Bumper guards / bully bars options?

    Looks like KC lights were added later and it’s also mentioned that it was designed not to interfere with radiator and the truck has been running fine since install
  3. Bumper guards / bully bars options?

    Again not my Mav, but here’s some of what’s on their page. Mentions in the comments it’s mounted directly to the frame.
  4. Windshield Alignment Pin - photo?

    I had to have my windshield replaced a couple months ago so I took it back to the glass place. They had the pins out and everything put back together in 15-20 min.
  5. Windshield Alignment Pin - photo?

    That's how would have described mine. It was a constant "clicking" with the passenger side being more noticeable. As soon as I had the pins pulled, the windshield has been silent.
  6. Bumper guards / bully bars options?

    You can check out a guy called allwheel_mav on Instagram. He has a front bumper guard from these guys: Evil Manufacturing. Looks like it was either a one off or maybe a prototype bc it is not offered on their site.
  7. Slowly building a camping Maverick

    14" on mine. I have a small garage so any higher and I would run into door clearance issues with the RTT on.
  8. Reika R30 Drifter wheels + 245/65 Nitto Nomad Grappler tires + HRG 1.5” lift kit -- installed pics

    Of course. Sorry if my response sounded rude, I didn't mean it to! I'd also recommend downloading the guide for the Readylift lift kit. HRG doesn't give you torque specs in their install guide. The Readylift kit is very similar and includes torque specs for all the hadrware. It's a good idea to...
  9. Airbag Recall - Nightmare or just fine ?

    Other than my dealer's usual inability to complete work in a reasonable amount of time, mine went smoothly. If I don't get a YETI mug though, I'm going to RAGE :LOL:
  10. Reika R30 Drifter wheels + 245/65 Nitto Nomad Grappler tires + HRG 1.5” lift kit -- installed pics

    Yes, it’s in the instructions to grind down the inside lip of the shock a little bit so it doesn’t cut the boot
  11. Mabett | Maverick Fender Flares

    don’t think any of the things they’ve been posting for Maverick are actually being produced & sold yet. That’s with any of these smaller, newer to market accessory companies I’ll hold on purchasing until I see the products in the real world on people’s vehicles
  12. Anyone installed Ford Accessory Air Design Fender Flares?

    Went to do mine this weekend and lo and behold, Ford (in their infinite wisdom) used different push in trim fasteners in the rear compared to the front and they were not long enough to secure both the flare and wheel well liner. Had to order a 240 piece fastener kit from Amazon (since they go...
  13. Slowly building a camping Maverick

    Looking forward to seeing your setup! I'm waiting on delivery of my XTR1 rack and 23Zero RTT in a few weeks hopefully!
  14. Recall: 2022 Maverick Side Curtain Airbag Recall NHTSA Notice (August 8, 2022). Vehicles Affected: 64,974

    4-ish feet of 1/2 in heater hose along the rear seal of the hood will also make sure it never flutters again.
  15. Anyone installed Ford Accessory Air Design Fender Flares?

    Mine are going on this weekend!
  16. CSX Train Derails in Kentucky With Ford Mavericks Among Cargo 😟

    That sucks. That's what happened to my dad in '21 with his 2022 F250 order. He had been waiting for months and then it got trashed in a shipping yard a week before it was due to arrive. Probably worse for the Maverick buyers though as he went from expecting it in August to Ford getting him...
  17. Windshield Squeak Fix?

    Yep, forgot to mention that!
  18. Windshield Squeak Fix?

    You would have to pull the A pillar plastic trim pieces to access the pins so you'd likely need to have some trim removal tools and confidence you can put the panels back on flush. I didn't get to see them remove the pins so I only have the general idea of where they are located.
  19. Windshield Alignment Pin - photo?

    I didn't take a pic but I just had these removed yesterday and my windshield that was driving me insane has been dead silent so far now. They are up at the top of the windshield under the A pillar trim. The glass place that replaced my windshield a couple months ago took them out in 15-20 min...