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  1. CSX Train Derails in Kentucky With Ford Mavericks Among Cargo 😟

    Just got word of a CSX train derailment in Glendale, KY. Friend told me he spotted Mavericks among the cargo. Some folks may want to check on their shipping schedule.
  2. Sales tax on trade in

    Sales and use tax laws vary from state to state. Gotta do the homework for your specific state, so probably maybe.
  3. Still can’t decide ecoboost vs hybrid

    Based on your info, you should get an Eco. More likely to be built. Also hybrid gets 33 mpg on highway where Eco gets 30 mpg (29 mpg awd). Fuel savings for highway driving not significant.
  4. Maverick at dealer who wants $3000 more than agreed on 16 months ago!

    They want you to refuse, so they can sell it at a 10k markup to someone else.
  5. Dealer refunded my deposit after almost a year?

    That happened to me but I had to go get my deposit back. I ordered a MY23 Eco from another dealer.
  6. Kentucky Roll Call!

    After Frankfort marked up my hybrid Maverick and sold it to someone else, I decided to try again with a MY23 Ecoboost AWD order from Kain Ford. Told them my story of waiting for a year not to get my Maverick and they got my order in today and lowered the priority code. Very luck, no clue the...

    DO NOT ORDER OR PURCHASE A VEHICLE FROM THIS DEALERSHIP! I ordered a 2022 Ford Maverick from this dealership on 7/30/2021. Due to semiconductor and other part constraints I waited patiently for my vehicle to be built and shipped for purchase to the dealership. Fast forward one year later, the...
  8. Has anyone with an April 25th build week gotten their window sticker yet?

    My build weeks was 4/25, truck built 4/26 and says should be shipped to dealer on 5/23 - 5/29.
  9. Frankfort Ford stole my Maverick

    Good news in terms of prepayment penalties in KY. 190.120 Payment in full before maturity. (1) If the finance charge applicable to the retail installment contract has been determined by a precomputed method, the retail buyer may pay in full at any time before the stated maturity date and upon...
  10. Frankfort Ford stole my Maverick

    I ordered from this dealership too and am dreading this. This was a good local dealer that was bought out by a mega conglomerate after I ordered and expected this might happen. If they pull this shit with me I'll accept and refinance with the local credit union. At least now I know what to expect.
  11. Kentucky Roll Call!

    Finally saw my first Mav out in the wild in Frankfort. Talked to the owner and he loved it. Was an Area 51 Eco. Now I've seen one Mav and one Santa Cruz.
  12. Official Ford Maverick Livestream April 27th

    Let me guess, "If you are not scheduled by X date, you will be rolled into the MY23 order bank. Talk to your dealer." Why else wait another month.
  13. 3/24 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOT YET RECEIVED]

    I would gather that Ford is saving the lux pkg builds for the FEs. Leaving us Hybrid non-lux orders to be scheduled as I was earlier this month.
  14. I regret getting spray in bedliner

    I thought about this very thing and it is a good idea to throw down a blanket when hauling certain items. On the plus side the SIBL will still keep the bed from getting rusted over time.
  15. 📬 3/17 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING!]

    I suspect the emails received today are almost treated like a cleanup week. They're squeezing in more 4/25 builds. Hopefully tomorrow several of you get builds for 5/2.
  16. Worst Ford dealer ever. Screwed over by Frankfort Ford in Frankfort KY!

    You're right that is the new owner. Here is the listing with KY Secretary of State.
  17. Worst Ford dealer ever. Screwed over by Frankfort Ford in Frankfort KY!

    I reserved and ordered my Mav from this dealership and I'll update everyone with my experience upon purchase. Hopefully mid to late May. I was promised and signed off on MSRP with a $689 docking fee with no additional mark ups with $500 deposit. Bought used cars from this dealership in the past...