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  1. Model Year 2023 Maverick will end October 14

    I should have worded my post better. Having an AWD option on the hybrid opens up using the Maverick in the winter for what I do. It being just fwd it would be parked from November till April while I'd have to use my full size at 8-11 mpg. If the hybrid was AWD I could use it year round and the...
  2. Model Year 2023 Maverick will end October 14

    Hence the reason for the first sentence in my post. Everyone buys one for different reasons.
  3. Lightweight travel trailer (sub-2000 lbs) for camping -- recommendations?

    I didn't even look at airstream. Don't care for the looks, but even if I did they are way too proud of their stuff. Just paying for a name. I looked into the meerkat trailer as well. Nice, but more than I'd like to spend for such a small trailer.
  4. Lightweight travel trailer (sub-2000 lbs) for camping -- recommendations?

    I'll be watching this thread pretty close. We've been looking for the same thing. Scamp is on the radar but we've been close to going with a Taxa Tiger Moth and just getting a portable shower and shitter with a small propane instant water heater.
  5. Model Year 2023 Maverick will end October 14

    Everyone buys one for different reasons, but towing 2k max on a pickup is kinda worthless. Only way I would have considered it is if the hybrid was AWD. At that point the fuel savings would pay to have a secondary rig for all towing and a run around rig for just hauling stuff or trapping season...
  6. Model Year 2023 Maverick will end October 14

    I would have gone tremor in a heartbeat if it could tow 4k.
  7. Model Year 2023 Maverick will end October 14

    I liked the color a lot. Then my Bronco Sport that I ordered in green arrived and I like it even more. I was really disappointed that it wasn't an option on the Maverick when I ordered.
  8. Model Year 2023 Maverick will end October 14

    If I knew they were adding Eruption Green for sure I'd walk away from my '23 order in a heartbeat. Price increase be damned.
  9. SiriusXM

    I've had Sirius for 12 years now on my Dodge pickup. Came with a one year free trial back in 2011. Same story every year. Wait until it's about to expire, then you can haggle with them in the price. Keep saying it's too expensive over and over and the price keeps dropping. I get it for $60/year...
  10. Would you take $5,000 over what you paid?

    Honestly, yes I would. I'd take that $5k and order a '24 hoping they have Eruption Green as a color option.
  11. Maverick Scheduling 3/16 -- May Scheduling Through Week of 5/29

    Just looked and there's nothing showing on my account for orders. It only shows my current Bronco Sport but my Maverick order and Bronco Sport Heritage order are not showing. Both have VIN assigned and schedule dates. They must be in process of updating stuff.
  12. WeatherTech Mats vs. Ford Maverick Mats Comparison Review -- Conclusion: Go with WT

    I went with Tuxmats for my Bronco Sport. Really impressed with them. Had Weathertech in other rigs and I liked them but took a chance on these for more coverage. When my Maverick shows up I will definitely be going with Tuxmats for it.
  13. My XL FX4

    Dang, that's a great deal. I'd love to stumble onto an extra set. Same with my Big Bend bronco sport. Love to find a good set of take offs for cheap.
  14. A Litttle Shelf Help

    My Maverick hasn't been built yet but that would be awesome for my Bronco Sport. Anyone that has both know how similar the glove box is between the two?
  15. Owners manual humor

    Same here.
  16. Tremor tow vs 4k tow package

    I remember seeing an old Ford commercial from the 60's where they dropped a pickup out of a cargo plane flying above the runway to show how great their new suspension was. Not sure if recommend that with a Maverick either.
  17. No Scheduling This Week – March 3, 2023. [Current Constraints: Trailer Tow Hitch, Splash Guards & Trifold Bed Cover, Load Box Bed Liner]

    Just to throw some fuel on your fire theory, I think you're right. I ordered a Bronco Sport 5 days after ordering my Maverick as a back up. It arrived January 31st. Wife loves it but decided she REALLY wants the Heritage edition. Went in on February 8th and ordered a Heritage edition Bronco...
  18. Anyone order the 4K Tow package for security beyond Towing?

    I ordered the 4k as I plan to tow a lot and will likely be at or over capacity fairly often. If I wasn't planning to tow over 2,000 lbs, I'd still get the tow package for the upgraded cooling. Most any direction out of the valley I live in has 7% or more grades on the highways that are a few...
  19. September 2022 Order Status Thread

    Ordered 9/16/22 XLT, FX4, 4K tow, luxury, copilot, Atlas blue. VIN received on 2/09/23, scheduled for week of 4/17/23.....so far.