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  1. Georgia Tonneu cover suggestions?

    Under cover armorflex. Has linex exterior for scratch protection.

    I'll be 74 in few days. Got mine in Nov. So get out there and get that great gas mileage. The way you do that is not go over 5 miles an hour. Obstruction that the fun now in life.Love getting everyone age from there hand. Good luck have fun Where both headed for the big dirt nap.
  3. Auto-Dimming Mirror installed

    There previous post on search. Look for the one that has 60 more pages.
  4. "Activity" Code Interpretation Request

    I would guess welcome to the ford family. That's what they told me every phone call I made in 509 days. I could never figure out how I could belong, when I didn't have a truck. I know it sucks.
  5. False Deep Sleep Notification fix from Ford

    Typed in ssm 51449 in Google search. Came to another ford site. That had it posted. Then called ford dealer where my truck was in yesterday for same fix. He read it to me and at the end said for lariat only.Hope this helps.
  6. False Deep Sleep Notification fix from Ford

    Exactly I read article from ford, lariat only.
  7. False Deep Sleep Notification fix from Ford

    I don't have sync3 but I do have deep sleep.
  8. Maverick Hybrid brake system grabbing and/or rough engagement at low speeds

    I'm hoping they find the problem. I don't know if the brake booster will solve the problem.But that's not a tsb.
  9. Factory Tracking Devices in Mavericks

    Ford making a car that drives it's self.Let's not get crazy.
  10. Maverick Hybrid brake system grabbing and/or rough engagement at low speeds

    Had maverick at dealership today for graping brakes.Last time in, install previous tsb and it didn't work. So they called ford and they told dealership to install electronic brake booster,which they ordered. So then tsb 23-2060 comes out. I set up another appointment and they install that tsb...
  11. Beware: Heat Exchanger not covered under warranty

    I bought premium extended warranty Don't see heat exchanger listed.In high tech section under hybrid it excluded high voltage battery & high voltage wiring.
  12. MA1 stopped work. Replace with same or different?

    I have both aaa and ma1 I've tried both in the maverick. Drops signal with both,see no difference. In Toyota both works with no problem.
  13. Interior Plastic Protection From Scratches?

    Turtle wax inside job.ceramic also removes light scratches.
  14. Any other maverick orders near York, Pa

    Live in Hanover,ordered June 2021 received Nov 4 2022. Xlt,lux hybrid