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  1. Ford to add more Raptor variants, and Tremors

    Curious spy photos of Ford Expedition prototypes depicting a taller ride height, bigger off-road tires, and a widened stance has set the rumor mill abuzz. And these remarks from the Ford CFO seem to all but confirm that the Tremor and Raptor nameplates are headed to the brand’s largest SUV...
  2. Maverick Tremor vs FX4 comparison review by Daily Motor

    First was the Tremor then the FX4, now they give us their comparison with lots of blah-blah-blah.
  3. FX4 play in the snow, review by Daily Motor

    the FX4 gets some love
  4. MilesPerHr XLT Tremor review

  5. Ezra Dyer of C&D expands on his Tremor rally car dream

    " I experimented with the Tremor's drive mode settings in an attempt to enliven the eight-speed transmission's sleepy responses. Ford didn't see fit to endow the Tremor with a sport mode, which seems a shame for a truck that, in 2.0 FX4 trim, hit 60 mph in 5.9 seconds. But I think there are...
  6. Waiting list mood enhancer

    Feeling stressed waiting for your truck? Don't lash out, take your medicine!
  7. AWD deep dive for gear heads

    2020-2023 Ford Escape: Four-Wheel Drive Systems / Description and Operation - Four-Wheel Drive Systems - System Operation and Component Description https://www.fordescape4.com/ford_escape_description_and_operation_four_wheel_drive_systems_system_operation_and_component_description-2755.html
  8. More Tremor tech from TTC

  9. Tremor in the wild

    Found on Google
  10. Clay disks or mitts vs clay bar

    Anyone using these? Thoughts, tips? Just to be clear I wouldn't dare using a clay disk with my Shurhold buffer.
  11. Got gas pains? [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS]

    Heading out to fuel the truck and a gas can so checked GasBuddy. Might just fill up the motor home for when prices spike this winter. Now where did I put that Sta-Bil
  12. Tremor DNA?

    Not a lot of hard technical information on the Tremor at this point other than some references to the Bronco Sport Badlands. The Badlands inspired nose, it's front skid plate, the twin clutch rear drive, one inch taller shocks and probably the 235 Wildpeak T/As. Everyone knows of the Escape C2...
  13. who's running 245/65R17 tires?

    Looking at Falken Wildpeak AT3W All Season Radial Tire-245/65R17 111T for a Tremor Little more money than KO2s but a half inch taller and wider while five pounds lighter @ 39# according to Amazon. On my second set of KO2s on the Raptor and know those tires pretty well and know they're not the...
  14. Tremor Build and Price observations

    I noticed a couple things not expected on the Tremor. The Appearance Package price is obviously wrong @ over $4K MAVERICK letters on tailgate are black, tried different package combinations but Tremor was the only one with black letters Blacked out head and tail lights are the same as the Black...
  15. Water Fording recommended maximum depth.

    Is there an advertised/ recommended depth rating for the Maverick? The Bronco Sport varies fro 17" to 23 1/2" depending on the model. The stream I cross getting to camp varies from about 12" to forget it and turn around. I'm hoping the Tremor will have some capability. For example my Raptor is...
  16. Dana PTU and RDM (PTU) Twin-Clutch rear drive unit -- a primer

    The Twin-Clutch rear drive unit that can shuffle 100% of torque to either wheel and simulate a locking differential More than traction control, new AWD systems are getting very good at optimizing traction. Take for example the Ford Maverick / Bronco Sport optional AWD system. Supplied by DANA...