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  1. Maverick graces the LL Bean Fall catalog cover

    And it’s doing truck stuff…
  2. BEASTSmart Axle Could Revolutionize Truck Camping

    https://www.truckcampermagazine.com/camper-beast/smart-axle-could-revolutionize-truck-camping/ Canadian company working on a ‘smart axle’ that is supposed to improve tow capacity by up to 1,500 pounds. Looks sorta like a towed 5th wheel?
  3. Homemade 2x4 Wood Truck Rack (YouTube)

    Saw this on YouTube, looks like an interesting idea for someone like myself who might pick up long boards/PVC from the store once or twice a year. Would definitely save money over a manufactured metal rack. I don't have my Maverick yet so not sure how to set it to the truck without the old...
  4. Putting in order tomorrow (10/30) any suggestions/recommendations?

    Hi all, Been looking at the Maverick for a while, I was waiting for the driving reviews to come out this month then I was hoping to see/test drive first but no luck, so I decided to go ahead and see the dealer tomorrow before hybrid orders are closed out. Going to a city dealer 45 minutes...