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  1. How much did you pay for yours?

    I was raised to believe it isn't polite to ask someone how much they paid for something, what their salary is, or how big their bonus was... I was also taught that it was downright rude to tell someone else they overpaid for something. You can't walk in their shoes, so there is no way to know...
  2. Factory Tracking Devices in Mavericks

    That's where the lawyers get richer...
  3. Model Year 2023 Maverick will end October 14

    I wondered about that myself, but then realized that "constrained items" means that these are features Ford intended to be able to provide, but cannot get (whether supply chain issues or "insert your pet theory here"). When it came to hybrids, Ford started off stating categorically that they...
  4. New Maverick Hybrid my 1400 mile road trip review

    There is a ball-mount on each end of the mounting stalk. You just pivot the "truck" side up, then pivot the "mirror" side so you can see out the back window. Easy-peasy.
  5. New Maverick Hybrid my 1400 mile road trip review

    And while we're on the topic of "things you didn't know you didn't know..." I was driving our Maverick late one afternoon with my wife, and the sun was coming through the side window, basically blinding me. I reached up, grasped the sun visor, and pulled it out of the right-hand bracket so I...
  6. Christmas tree of dash lights when towing behind motorhome with tow dolly

    FYI - the Ecoboost Maverick does not have a flat tow mode, and the manual recommends against flat towing it. Not sure what the issue is with your "Christmas tree" of lights. Can you be more specific about which lights are on?
  7. Amazed at fuel economy of 2023 HYBRID

    Pretty sure that was "magic gas"...
  8. Model Year 2023 Maverick will end October 14

    I guess the critical point I missed before was the "customers who do not get their 23MY Maverick retail order built and need to re-order a 24MY..." Guess Ford really DOES like shooting themselves in the foot...
  9. Amazed at fuel economy of 2023 HYBRID

    There is an "Engineering Test" mode (ET mode) that you can access in your Maverick (just search "engineering test mode" here at MTC). My mileage estimates were "optimistic" by a good bit, so I went into ET mode and changed the appropriate setting to make it more accurate. It's still not...
  10. Model Year 2023 Maverick will end October 14

    So, you're saying you do not want to be able to "special-order" a vehicle at all? Because most of the Japanese companies don't let you do that. You usually have to "order" one of their specific trim levels, and you can't add or delete anything from that "package"... Granted, their "packages"...
  11. Model Year 2023 Maverick will end October 14

    I know they said there would be no price protection, but did they also say "no rollovers"? Seems silly and counter-productive, not to mention really bad for PR. Oh - wait... That IS probably their intention, after all... That left foot is almost healed up, so it's time to shoot the other foot!
  12. Driver alert system - what does it do?

    I believe that button is the temperature sensor. [Just realized @colini beat me to it.]
  13. Factory Tracking Devices in Mavericks

    We had those on the '53 VW "Kombi" van in Brazil... It had well over 400,000 km on it when it was passed on to us. Loaded up with our family of five and "stuff" for a weekend, it would not go up the mountain even in 1st gear. We had to turn around a back up the hill (reverse was a lower ratio...
  14. Maverick Hybrid is inherently flawed (but I still love it)

    For the guy who said his Maverick ride was really rough: Check your tire pressures. Often the tires are significantly overinflated from the factory / dealers... My ride improved dramatically when I dropped the tire pressure to the psi recommended in the door panel.
  15. Unscheduled orders now showing up on Ford Website for some order holders

    Yeah, I've asked that same question previously, and received no answer. You have to have a VIN to get past the screen, and these people are claiming they can see their "VIN-less" orders. I don't understand...
  16. Unscheduled orders now showing up on Ford Website for some order holders

    So, how did you get the VIN number to enter at Ford.com under your account, in order to see that you were scheduled? When I look, it requires the customer's order number and the VIN before it will find anything.
  17. CARBONIZED GRAY Maverick Club

    Not really rare, per se... There are just so many gray cars and trucks on the road that they don't "pop" out at you like Hot Pepper Red or Cyber Orange! Don't get me wrong - I love the looks of the Carbonized Gray (almost bought one, until l found out it was missing some critical-to-me...
  18. Area 51 Tailgate Letters - Which color?

    I went with black on my Area 51 as well. I like the look, since mine also has the black First Edition stuff on it.
  19. Maverick Delivery Day Video (Funny)

    That was fun. Thanks for the laugh!
  20. Maverick Technical Specifications Sheet - What are your reactions?

    Sadly, this is likely the first of many "educational events" you will conduct with your salesperson...