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  1. I need help on remembering/finding a particular detailing cloth

    Sounds like something I might use. Where did you buy it? Or do you have a link?
  2. Maverick Delivery Day Video (Funny)

    You did good 😊 👍🏻
  3. Mabett | Maverick Fender Flares

    I like these ones. Are they available yet? What is the price? Forgive my ignorance, how are they put on?
  4. Greetings from Michigan

    Welcome to the forum. Thanks for serving!
  5. Long time reader, just joined MTC yesterday (11/30/22)

    Thanks for the welcome. That I’m really aware of, but decided to join anyway 😉. I like reading the information portions and seeing others different perspectives.
  6. Long time reader, just joined MTC yesterday (11/30/22)

    Hi MTC, I’ve been reading the forums since November ‘21. But decided to join the club yesterday. I’m happy to be a member now.
  7. Look what I got today!!!! 🪟 sticker

    Congratulations and good for you. Yours looks like my 23 order except mine has a moonroof and no tow pkg. Gives me hope I might get one soon. (My 22 order didn’t have COVP, no price protection, no roll over for me)