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    $59.39 (total) I only let the dealer do it because they give a lifetime warranty on all lubricated parts if I let them do all the scheduled lubrication related services.
  2. What is the Closest Maverick in Proximity to Your Home

    2 blocks from my house
  3. Exhaust tip recommendations

    My understanding is that they sound about the same. I'm sure you've seen this thread. https://www.mavericktruckclub.com/forum/threads/aftermarket-exhaust-video-library-hear-the-different-exhausts.22256/
  4. Exhaust tip recommendations

    I Just installed the Thermal R&D cat back system. I opted for the turn down option, because I thought the others, as cool as they look, hung so low. I thought it could be an issue in deep snow. I could not be more satisfied with the mild, mellow, low tone sound! As promised, I have not...
  5. Anyone installed Ford Accessory Air Design Fender Flares?

    Sick a/f iconic silver brother! Now I'll be spending the next 10 weekends dashing so I can get another mod.
  6. Need Help! Picked up my Maverick today but dealer wants me to pay for dealer installed options after bringing home

    There are a few variations of this scam. I heard a story on NPR where a guy got arrested, because the dealership couldn't reach him, to tell him he owed them more money. The dealer reported the car stollen and police officers pulled him over, but he had all the paperwork with him showing he was...
  7. A lot of "clicking" coming from engine bay

    My XLT EB with basic equipment does it too. It seems like it mostly does it after sitting overnight when I go into the garage.
  8. Leveled vs Lowered Maverick Side by Side Comparison

    After driving 2 hrs. on the interstate, I now have to say, I don't think the lift has had any impact on the ride quality, nor road noise. It was probably that I was expecting something different in the driving experience.
  9. Leveled vs Lowered Maverick Side by Side Comparison

    I recently installed a R C leveling kit (1" front lift). I like the stance. It still has about .25" rake, which is good when hauling/towing. I feel like the mod has improved the handling characteristics of the truck. However, it also seems to have made the front suspension stiffer and louder...
  10. Leveled vs Lowered Maverick Side by Side Comparison

    My take on the leveled ride is that 'levelling' mod has the front a little higher than the back. I looked up the mod and it gives a 1.5" chin lift. This puts the front about .25" higher than the rear(measured at the fender wells). If you like that look, you like that look. It's not for me, but...
  11. ICONIC SILVER Maverick Club

    It looks to me that the grill bar and mirror caps on the Lariat are in fact iconic silver. The mirror caps on my XLT are black and the grill bar is an ugly charcoal color that does not match anything. I've been shopping for affordable options to make it iconic silver.
  12. Lowered FWD and sitting on 19s

    Me too! When I was a young man, my dad would say, "You guys always have to 'hot-rod' everything and you're always hanging those damn trinkets it!" You're in good company on this platform when you say you can't keep anything stock. I say I have a sick-ness.
  13. Cab spoiler installed

    I agree entirely, as much of what you're saying was addressed on an episode of Myth Busters many years ago.
  14. Cab spoiler installed

    Me too!!! It's a sickness!!
  15. Cab spoiler installed

    This makes me wonder if there's a correlation between Maverick owners and NPR listeners:unsure:
  16. Cab spoiler installed

    So, do you think it will decrease drag ecoefficiency?
  17. Cab spoiler installed

    The only preset I have is Iowa Public Radio. A Martinez, Mary Louise Kelly, and Peter Sagal never sounded better!😁
  18. Ram 700 Sighted

    I expect it won't make it off the lot before problems show up.