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  1. Special Offers. Explain Who qualified

    Yea I'm a little confused on how they accept the certificates. I have two certificates I printed off when I made the order on 9/16/22 and both have already expired (one in october 2022 and one from january 2023). I still haven't been scheduled yet. So do they accept these certificates because...
  2. Special Offers. Explain Who qualified

    When I placed my order for the '23 Maverick on 9/16, I used the x-plan, which was reflected on the order agreement they gave me. I also asked about student and military certificates; however, they told me those don't apply until finance time. The student and military certificates I printed off...
  3. Has anyone who ordered a hybrid Mav in September 2022 got their trucks yet?

    I ordered a XLT Hybrid, Shadow Black, Lux Pkg, BAP, Remote Start, and Spray-in Bedliner on 9/16. Still nothing with 45-day "no-truck-for-you" emails.
  4. Unscheduled orders now showing up on Ford Website for some order holders

    4th No-Truck-For-You email received! :cry: (Hybrid XLT, Lux Pkg, BAP, Remote Start, Spray-in Bedliner)
  5. For anyone unsure of order from dealer and haven't received an email -- I have some instructions!

    That's literally the same copy pasta that I received from chat a moment ago.
  6. Incentives, X-plan, and Fees

    I recently placed my order for the XLT Hybrid and just realized I'm eligible for various incentives (Military & Student). I will also be purchasing the truck with the x-plan. Are these offers combinable? The military one only says its combinable with public offers. Do these get applied after the...
  7. 2023 Order Confirmation, but...

    Well I placed my order for the truck. At first, I signed for a order that had the 2.0L EB and was told it would be roughly 6 months before the truck is built. However, I didn't want the 2.0L EB, I wanted the Hybrid. The manager threw out the preview order and redid the order to change it to the...