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  1. Has anyone who ordered a hybrid Mav in September 2022 got their trucks yet?

    Ordered XLT Lux Hybrid 9/16/22. Built 3/1/23. Shipped 3/2/23 with scheduled delivery to Massachusetts around 4/3/23.
  2. More Ford BS?

    Exactly what it said. It's on the line; the bubble will turn blue checked when actually completed. Same for shipped. Good luck!
  3. Not a Maverick in sight from Fl to NY

    Two weeks ago I went from Providence RI to Roanoke VA and return and only saw one. It was a Black XLT in a driveway 1 mile from my house with a Michigan plate.
  4. CSX Train Derails in Kentucky With Ford Mavericks Among Cargo 😟

    So just talked to Ford Customer Service. They no longer provide railcar information and suggested I speak to the dealer to get it. I was told my truck is safely in Arizona currently......
  5. Maverick Delivery Day Video (Funny)

    Mine arrives 3 April. Ordered 9/16/22 so a relatively short wait for my hybrid.
  6. Had to Pinch myself

    Thank God for separate checking accounts....
  7. Had to Pinch myself

    Update: Built 3/1/23 and shipped 3/3/23 Expected arrival at Franklin Ford 4/3 through 4/11. Hopefully I can get the stuff I already bought out of the garage and onto the truck before my wife notices.......
  8. Stuck at ramp RA4G

    A long time ago (back when dinosaurs ruled the earth) I worked for a car hauling company working at a railhead. Vehicles usually go out based on date in. Oldest vehicles need to move. Oldest date is reported daily and when it gets unreasonable people begin to hear it. In the late 80's...
  9. Ugliest of the Ugly… what’s yours?

    AMC Gremlin Purple with a green plaid roof... Bought it off a college girl in 79 and kept until 81. Guaranteed to drive the women away. Fast
  10. Had to Pinch myself

    :) Good for you FINALLY! I've only waited since Sept 2022.
  11. February Build Month Thread

    Mines the same and I can see the Window Sticker today
  12. Had to Pinch myself

    Getting caught up from some traveling and lo and behold not only does the tracker say in production but I also have a window sticker. I think I'm going to bring out the good booze tonight and but some lottery tickets! 2023 XLT Hybrid Lux 360 SIBL Alto Blue
  13. The little things...

    Current maverick is about the same size as an early 60's F150.... go figure
  14. Which one of you did this? 😂😂😂

    Courtesy is a two-way street. Literally.
  15. Which one of you did this? 😂😂😂

    Insist all you want; my truck weighs a lot more than your body/bike.
  16. ALTO BLUE Maverick Club

    Did you order that mirror recently? If so, where. Kia doesn't sell it anymore.
  17. ALTO BLUE Maverick Club

    Is the bug deflector tape on or screw on?
  18. ALTO BLUE Maverick Club

    Ordered Alto Blue XLT Hybrid Lux 360 SIBL 9/16/22. Build date 2/27/23. Need some recommendations on the following: 1. Tonneau Cover - Looking for something Hard shell/rollup 2. Lettering - Nothing Neon but what color shows well with this color? 3. Front bug shield 4. Floor mats -...