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  1. 🙋‍♂️ What did you do TO / WITH your Maverick today?

    Put her new plate on yesterday.
  2. Dead battery fix?

    I'm hoping my cable holds up but I've already bought new ends to crimp on if it does happen. 14k miles and so far so good.
  3. Dead battery fix?

    Your wiring harness was replaced? Sounds like you got another bad one or bad battery.
  4. CSX Train Derails in Kentucky With Ford Mavericks Among Cargo 😟

    That truck must have been flying. Those landing gear slid pretty far from where the first touched and up over a hill no less.
  5. A lot of "clicking" coming from engine bay

    It's alive! Totally normal. Mine seems to click every time I go in the garage.
  6. If you could choose a Personal license plate, what would it be?

    Now the front matches the back.
  7. Windshield crack

    I thought some guys were reporting cracked windshields from improper install? I'd have the dealer check it. It might be covered by warranty if no damage hits are found.
  8. Maverick Delivery Day Video (Funny)

    Excellent!! Thank you!!
  9. What do you keep in here?

    Sssshhhhh! Nobody is supposed to know I have them!
  10. What do you keep in here?

    Ratchet straps, gloves, rope and a small tarp. (I have a bed rug I don't want to mess up if I can help it.) And now the bracket from the tailgate because I installed a tailgate assist.
  11. Lucky New Owner in Northern Colorado

    And a hybrid no less! Congrats!
  12. Maverick Went Dead, Dead, Dead Out of the Blue

    You won the lottery! Glad it was a simple fix for you.
  13. Daylight saving time

    I'm upset I lost an hour of drive time!
  14. Disconnect rear center seatbelt

    Can you tie a small rope to something behind the seat and over the belt to pull it behind the seat? Then it won't have the air space between it and the back wall to start flapping. In other words, it would be tucked behind the seat then come back over against the seat.
  15. My Maverick looks tiny...

    It's the year model for sure. Here is my 22 next to my 95 F250. There is a difference in size but not as extreme.
  16. Went from "Where are all the Mavericks" to "How'd all these Mavericks get here" this morning.

    I think there are 4, including mine, within a mile of my house now.
  17. NY/ NJ/ PA Tri-state meetup

  18. NY/ NJ/ PA Tri-state meetup

    Sorry guys but I just got home from work and won't make it. I was hoping for a weekend meet. Maybe that's in the works for the spring?
  19. My Maverick Aftermarket Exhaust (MRT Extreme Exhaust)

    I hope you got some extra power out of that because it sounds terrible! Sorry just my opinion. Sounds like a lawn mower now.