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  1. My 10,000 mile update - Hybrid Lariat w/ Lux package

    You might try eco mode and cruise control when on highways. Try setting the cruise control to one over your desired speed and reducing it by one once you are up to speed. This usually settles the truck in as low of throttle as it needs.
  2. Has anyone Tested the "Collision Avoidance" system?

    I have had a few false positives with it but they are few and far inbetween. Usually it triggers on pedestrians while I’m on a bend. I’m glad the sound it makes is noticeable but not alarming. I haven’t had the brakes auto stop me. I am really happy to have this system. A lot of times people...
  3. 2022 maverick shaking

    Yes, my truck shakes on mid-hard acceleration. I am pending getting the axels replaced. Replacing the transmission mount didn't fix it. Not happy (as the reason I replaced my escape was the engine stuttering when I merged on highways, and this problem has the same effect to make it difficult to...
  4. 700 mile club

    I still haven’t cracked 600, you guys are legends. I probably would have in theory for a few tanks. I just filled up too early. Cant imagine getting 700.
  5. As the issues list grows......concerned...kind of

    Mine has been happily problem free of all the issues here but I did have premature wear issues on my cv axel. I don’t baby it, so it could just be bad luck.
  6. Maverick Delivery Day Video (Funny)

    Fantastic, this was exactly it haha
  7. Does your maverick sound like this?

    Can’t say mine has ever made that noise seems off to me.
  8. Shuddering Hybrid

    My hybrid was having an issue shuddering only under load. I looked into it and a YouTuber had the same issue and it ended up being cv joint or axel failure. His dealer confirmed. The symptoms fit especially the “on acceleration only” it doesn’t shudder just cruising. My dealer thought it...

    Sounds great! I’ll look into booking and getting the hotel tonight. I’ll have to represent the off road hybrids!
  10. Shuddering Hybrid

    Textbook cv issue. Currently I am using mine in eco mode as the lower load mitigates that issue somewhat. My dealer ordered me a new axel. mine is drivable; but I don’t want to push it until I get it fixed. Fingers cross the parts come in quickly as I would like to have full use of my truck...
  11. Shuddering Hybrid

    That’s 100% what it is but hopefully they are replacing the whole axel. Hopefully the replacement isn’t prone to pre-mature wear.
  12. What a Hybrid Maverick sounds like…. a good listen on what to expect while you wait

    I don’t mind the loud idle. It’s either warming up efficiently or charging the battery. Either way it’s fine.
  13. Who's off-roading their Maverick ?!

    Are Hybirds welcome here? :) At the end of march taking off the snow tires and putting on wild peak trails.
  14. Impressions after 1200 miles

    I’m at 22k and I found the brakes only seem to be too grabby if I’m in bumper to bumper, probably they keep switching from friction to regen and then grab too hard. With a normal stop you do have to adjust brake pedal as you cross into friction braking but it’s easy to do. My girlfriend drives...
  15. Opened back door and discovered this crack

    I expected a picture of Dave chapelle as the first reply here.
  16. Anyone upgraded to more aggressive tires? Blizzaks or BF goodrich KO2’s?

    I have wintercommand ultras and I routinely see 40+ mpg with them. I ordered some wildpeak trails and I’ll have them installed at the end of march. I don’t like the stock continentals.
  17. NY/ NJ/ PA Tri-state meetup

    I would be happy to participate in the Carlisle meet up. Let me know if I can help.
  18. Email about a paid survey?

    I am not going to reply to it. Thanks for the tip they dont pay out.
  19. EV coach display vs. Fuel economy display. Which do you prefer?

    I like the instant MPG display because it shows me quickly when I am in EV mode or not. I already have a power gauge. I don't find the "potential ev mode" line particularly useful.
  20. What did you drive before the Maverick?

    The maverick is replacing my 2014 Escape Titanium. My first Ford and it exceeded my expectations when I bought it. I took that car so many places that it shouldn’t have been able to go. Never had a Karen cut me off with the 2.0 eco boost. Cya buddy.