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  1. Tyger tonneau cover - feedback / reviews?

    For those who bought the Tyger covers I am interested in feedback regarding the Tri-fold t3 and the soft roll-up T1 cover. Thanks!
  2. American Flag that will fit the rear sliding glass?

    Has anyone found an American Flag that will fit the rear sliding glass? I searched but did not see anything posted. Thanks!
  3. The search is over!

    Well after many many months of searching, missing the order bank fiasco, feeling neglected and almost pulling the trigger on a used 22XLT the saga is finally over. I am now the new owner of a CG EB FX4 4K Lux and I couldn't be any happier! Made a 2.5 hrs trip to a dealership yesterday because...
  4. Used 22 Maverick for sale/ recall

    Good morning fellow Maverick owners, I have a chance to purchase a 22 XLT FX 4 AWD luxury pkg with 2600 miles for about 33k which in is about 2k over sticker. I notced on the car fax a recall for the airbag curt1ain and gas tank inspection and I will have to find out if any repairs have been...