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  1. Maverick Delivery Day Video (Funny)

    Haha, I needed this...i think we all needed this. Love it.
  2. Still waiting for a build date email from Ford?

    Stay in contact with Ford CS and your salesman. Apparently my Maverick was given a VIN and build date back on Feb. 10th. Since I never received an email from Ford and with no Mavericks being scheduled the past 3 weeks I figured why check. So with any luck, I should be built the week of 3/29. (Or...
  3. Proud Members of the 500 Days Waiting Club

    503 days and counting. Unscheduled and forgotten. Still a big amount of Oct. 2021 orders still floating around. 600 days is becoming more a reality every week. An all around terrible experience. Now I realize why people hate Ford so much.
  4. Order priority number

    3k for pc code change is a new one too. We need to add that asap to the ford dealer book of shame. Hurry, its filling up fast!
  5. Order priority number

    I wouldn't worry about your priority code. Seems like most have reported being scheduled at pc 10 or above. I've been at a 2 since January. Allocations are the only thing that matters in Ford land. Also, just because good dealer talks a good talk, doesn't mean they aren't slimy. Those F'ers come...
  6. Time For Venting, Whining & Sniveling

    I bet the second we all stop buying fords, that's the second they start "caring" about customer service and communication. Since that won't happen its business as usual. You don't have to stress about this anymore. None of us do. I'm close to 500 days and I'm not even scheduled yet. No more...
  7. Over 400 club?

    Exactly how I feel. I'm not worrying about it tho. Just not meant to happen.
  8. Over 400 club?

    Congrats. That's my exact build and color. Yep, now the fun part.
  9. Over 400 club?

    That's exciting!! Enjoy it. I'm happy for you!!
  10. Over 400 club?

    Congrats. Its Christmas morning. I haven't lost hope but I will be moving on. I can always get one down the road. Will not order again tho!!
  11. Over 400 club?

    That's great. Congratulations. Any travel plans once you get it?
  12. Over 400 club?

    I'm definitely on the fence. If a K5 comes available soon, ill probably take it. Its not the waiting that bothers me, its being constantly passed over for new orders.
  13. Over 400 club?

    How do you like the Bronco Sport?
  14. Over 400 club?

    That's frustrating. You're close though. Yeah, this whole process has sucked to be sure. A good learning experience for us all.
  15. Over 400 club?

    Just curious as to how many people are still left that have been waiting over 400 days. Are you still waiting or have you moved on to something else? I believe I'm at 477 days and haven't been scheduled yet. I've been looking at a '23 Kia K5 GT-Line or '23 Honda Civic Hatchback. The new Prius...
  16. 🗓️ Maverick Scheduling on 2/9/23 For Production Weeks 3/20-4/17 (+ Current Constraints List)

    Probably same reason for the rest of us October orders still being passed over. Allocations.
  17. Wait entering Month 16 ....... What am I doing wrong?

    Yeah, that's what I meant. I'm a cancelled '22 Vin that is currently priority 2. For some reason I like adding rollover whenever I talk about cancelled Vin #'s. It's a habit.
  18. Wait entering Month 16 ....... What am I doing wrong?

    If only most salesmen took their jobs as seriously as we all do on here..and we work fo free!