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  1. WeatherTech Mats vs. Ford Maverick Mats Comparison Review -- Conclusion: Go with WT

    Yup, went from the OEM's to smart liner, save my carpets from the wisconsin winter, I had stuff going behind the oem's. Got some if anybody wants them , also a set of huskys for an EB
  2. Show your Trailer-Towing Hitch Covers or Accessories

    A rubber plug with the ford script on it :)
  3. 10 months of waiting, 10 months of ownership, then... 😭

    Well F me, I was 10 months waiting, now 9.5 months owning, I hope this is not mandatory :( Sorry to see this.
  4. Ford has stopped shipping replacements for the airbag recall ?

    Mines been in twice and both times came back with the old airbags intact
  5. New Member from Wisconsin

    Welcome from SE Wisconsin, took my hybrid on the backroads into the Spread Eagle Barrens, no issues at all :)
  6. Expectations Met? A 4-Season, 29K Mile, 1-Year Maverick Hybrid Owner's Review (40.8 mpg)

    Almost the identical experience here in Wisconsin 19K in 9 months. Still loving our Electro Glide in Blue :)
  7. Recall: 2022 Maverick Side Curtain Airbag Recall NHTSA Notice (August 8, 2022). Vehicles Affected: 64,974

    Min e has been in twice for the airbag fix, both times no airbags available. Need to schedule another appointment and loose the truck for another day, when they come in :(
  8. Not my wife.... totaled our Maverick 1.0 but we tracked down another !

    Mine got backed into in a parking lot , only front damage :)
  9. Which floor mats should I get?

    Where are you located? I have a set for your truck I bought when I first got my hybrid, since there were none available for it. Un opened. I also have a set of oem hybrid factory fronts available.
  10. No sirius

    Sirius sounds great from android auto, much better than the stock FM radio which is a little tinny, that doesn't translate to the sirius app.
  11. Bluetooth connection FINALLY FIXED with newest software update!!

    Mine stopped working completely a week or so ago, the usb for android auto no longer works as well :(
  12. Already got rear ended! [Updated #1 with frame / underbody photos] [Update #2: 6K repair estimate]

    Mine got backed into in a parking lot a couple months ago, 3 k in damage and the shop has no idea when they will get parts. Minor damage, still driveable. They tell me maybe the first quarter of 23 for parts, dealer told me the same timeframe for recall repairs :(
  13. Minor rear ender or total loss? Answer inside. [Updated with underbody photos of damage]

    My velocity blue mac hybrid got backed into a couple months ago, scrapes to the front bumper, gouged headlight, 3K in damage, still waiting for parts.
  14. Hello from new owner

    Welcome to the club
  15. Looking for feedback

    I didnt either, but I bit the bullet cuz every rock in wisconsin found my hood :(
  16. Seeing more Mavericks in the "Wild"

    I got mine in may, for most of june I was the only one in my town, there was 1 EB orange one the next town over. There were a lot of deliveries in July here in SE Wisconsin, I've now seen a dozen in the last month. The other day there were 2 of us at the same 4 way stop :)
  17. Driving your Maverick Fast

    AC on most of the time?
  18. Have you changed your oil yet? Oil life monitor question.

    had my first oil change on sat at 6300 miles, the app has not reset yet.
  19. What should I check on delivery

    Tire pressure, it ships at 40psi, they often forget to reduce this to 35
  20. Driving your Maverick Fast

    The first time you punch the hybrid to pass, it will physically snap your head back and jump from 50 to 80+ in a few seconds. The first time this was totally unexpected. Now I know it's coming :) I haven't noticed any instability over 80, I now have 6K on her.