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  1. Anyone with some Katzkin leather seats?

    Anyone with some Katzkin leather seats? Looking to get the factory look.
  2. 20% tint front windows and 50% windshield on HPR Mav

    Got the front two windows and the windshield tinted. I also added a window strip. Windows were 30% while windshield was 50%. Looks beautiful on my mav, Habenero 🌶️!
  3. Scratches on 1 week old Mav

    Parked my Mav only to notice two scratches on my Mav! I have no idea how that even happened. Said every curse word in the book 🤬. Going to go to my dealership next week to see how much it'll be to repair it.
  4. Maverick as my first vehicle!

    After a little over a year waiting, I picked up my HPR Maverick XLT CP360, LUX Package on Friday. Took a joy drive with my dad and absolutely loved it! My dad's truck is the limited edition F150 Lariat behind the Mav. I drove my 2011 Mitsubishi Galant for years, but it was my mom's. At 22 years...
  5. Pizza tracker not updating?

    Hi guys, I noticed yesterday that my pizza tracker has not been updated since 1/18. My dealership can't track my order either and shows them that the last update was also on 1/18. Yet tracking my order with CSX, shows that my truck is "Placed at Industry" this morning at 3 am, so it's just...
  6. Hood decals that covers cowels on the hood?

    Anybody installed a hood decal that covers the cowls on the hood? I found a decal just like it but not a solid color
  7. Shipping is behind?

    According to FC, shipping is somewhat behind. My truck's ETA is on Feb. 4th, but it's still awaiting shipment with no carrier. Anyone else experiencing this?
  8. Maverick Delivery in the East Coast?

    Is anyone waiting for a Maverick in Alabama or on the east coast? I'm awaiting shipment and curious about who shares the same ramp as me. My ramp one is: RH48
  9. Stuck "In production" for 2 weeks and 6 days

    Anyone else stuck in production? Went into production on December 12th, then trim line stage on the 23rd. Wondering if anyone managed to get built after being stuck. Happy New Year!
  10. 12/19 build week, but no production date

    Hi all, I have a build week of 12/19 and my truck has been in production for the last 7 days. But the tracker has no end date under the "in production" tab. Is anyone else experiencing the same? At the bottom of my window sticker there's a date that did say 12/19, but then changed to 12/20...
  11. In production!

    After nearly a year of waiting, my truck is finally in production! I have a build week of 12/20/22 but I guess Christmas came a little early! I checked last night after a rough day, just to see that the status changed. I haven't received any emails regarding my change in status, so just keep...
  12. Private Offer Concern

    Hey all, My build week is finally coming up soon and I just read another post that kind of made me nervous about the private offer. I was suggested the private offer by my dealership, Woody Anderson Ford, back in September. But now I'm reading around that you're supposed to receive a...
  13. Scheduling days of the week?

    Hi, does anyone know if the email stating that a Maverick is being scheduled is coming out every Thursday like last year? I saw that last week people were getting emails Friday and Saturday so I'm just curious to see if the day for scheduling emails changed. Thank you!
  14. Rolled over MY22 jump to the front of the line?

    Hi guys! I ordered my MY22 Maverick back in January and, as expected, it didn't get built so it was rolled over. My dealership that I ordered with for MY22 told me that orders that were rolled over will be built first before new orders. Has anyone heard of this? My priority code did change from...
  15. Those who bought off the lot, how were you able to find and purchase a Maverick?

    Hi all! I have a Maverick that I ordered back in January. I know there are people who have been waiting much longer. But, unfortunately, my current car is starting to give me issues and I can't continue to wait (I know I won't get mine for awhile). So my next step is to try to find a Maverick...
  16. Would the MY2023 take out the LUX package?

    Hi guys, I ordered my Maverick in January so I am aware that I'm going to be waiting for quite awhile lol. Especially with the constraints that I have with the LUX package and CP360. I don't have a problem waiting, but my concern is that my truck, with it converted to the MY2023, will cause the...