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  1. Black Plastic Trim Care?

    Ceramic coated, not familiar with that. I was thinking Armor all or something like that
  2. Black Plastic Trim Care?

    The Black plastic trim. What do you use to preserve it.
  3. Really off topic

    That is going viral, and the poor catcher, all over school and the neighborhood. Didn't notice if her name showed.
  4. Practical Ink

    After this no more pics until I can show my truck with a new tonneau and bed lights. Gotta keep it trucky.
  5. Nice try but Maverick all the way!

    I parked beside a Frontier the other day. Still would go with the Maverick
  6. Really off topic

    Gotta admire her effort
  7. Murdered Out Maverick?

    If it wasn't for my great nephew I wouldn't know what murdered out meant.
  8. My Maverick personalization wish list

    Wish list update Wish List Sirius XM Player Nice Mats Tonneau Cover Done See Below Mud flaps Bed Liner DIB or Spray Brush Bar OEDRO Tri-Fold Truck Tonneau Cover 4.5ft / 4.6ft Bed For 2022 2023 Ford Maverick $191.49 Was: $236.49 Free shipping or Best Offer 39 sold We are going on be taking a...
  9. Song game thread

    Take the A train
  10. Song game thread

    Big Iron
  11. Song game thread

    On and On
  12. What do you keep in here?

    That looks like it is about the size of a cigarette pack (am I allowed to say that) is that so,how does it work, and most of all $$$
  13. What do you keep in here?

    Straps and Bungies. The jumper box is inside, At$100 it gets locked up.
  14. What do you keep in here?

    Just what I would expect from an Area 51 er
  15. My Maverick personalization wish list

    And, I have an idea for a bed divider. I was going to make it out of 1/14 in pvc. There would be a center section on one inch (its fits in rather nicely) Use some compression springs (flush mount bolts on hold the springs in the 1/ 1/4 piece and a piece of doweling in the 1 in piece.) to force...
  16. My Maverick personalization wish list

    Yes. I tags you for phone handling, hands free calls, hard breaking.
  17. My Maverick personalization wish list

    I do that now. I also have the USAA Safe Pilot app, which means to change channels I am tagged with phone handling. I am trying to get insurance payments down. Thanks though.
  18. Need Help! Picked up my Maverick today but dealer wants me to pay for dealer installed options after bringing home

    Read your purchase contract. It will tell you your rights and the dealers. Might be some flyspeck type on the back that the dealer can demand the extra money.
  19. A M A C !! (Advanced Middle Age Club)

    Sorry for the double post. But memory lapses should be a common occurance. Just wondering what it would accomplish. Compare aches and pains, arthritis helps, oatmeal recipes.