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  1. How necessary is a bed liner?

    I've had 5 trucks without any sort of liner and only had a bed cover on the last 2 so I'm not qualified to answer :ROFLMAO:
  2. Raptor style LED amber lights installed in hood deflector

    I like the shape of the deflector while doubting it's effectiveness but the lights are way too big
  3. Ford to add more Raptor variants, and Tremors

    Curious spy photos of Ford Expedition prototypes depicting a taller ride height, bigger off-road tires, and a widened stance has set the rumor mill abuzz. And these remarks from the Ford CFO seem to all but confirm that the Tremor and Raptor nameplates are headed to the brand’s largest SUV...
  4. So your Mav won’t get built….What’s your Plan B?

    keep driving my Raptor 😢
  5. Santa Cruz included in massive recall

    At least Ford didn't wait years to issue a recall. These sealed up engine compartments are not unique to Ford.
  6. Maverick Tremor vs FX4 comparison review by Daily Motor

    First was the Tremor then the FX4, now they give us their comparison with lots of blah-blah-blah.
  7. Theft Prevention Hinge Lock (for tailgate)

    can't see? buy glasses
  8. Recall means sorry, you can't have that truck you bought

    clearest case of fraud I've heard lately, name the dealer.
  9. USB Drives for Music…Suggestions?

    sorry I misspoke, malaysian scandisk, cruzer glide to be specific https://www.amazon.com/dp/B007YX9OGW/ref=twister_B0BNPCDBNF?_encoding=UTF8&th=1
  10. USB Drives for Music…Suggestions?

    skip the generic chinese ones, I've had good luck with the scandisk chinese ones 🥴
  11. Removing light scuff marks from black rear bumper?

    LOL, bought it for the wife's jewelry making hobby and ended up using it more myself for soldering and heat shrink. caution, it won't handle rough treatment, don't toss it into the tool box.
  12. Removing light scuff marks from black rear bumper?

    the more you mechanically work this scuff the worse it will look. follow what @Maverickman74 suggested and try a hair dryer. mask off the scuff close and out a couple inches and then keep the dryer moving back and forth until the light colored scuff stuff melts slightly. not enough heat? step...
  13. FX4 play in the snow, review by Daily Motor

    the FX4 gets some love
  14. HYBRIDS - How are you warming up the oil before a change?

    sounds reasonable. maybe also to stir up any other contaminants like coolant and fuel in the pan that isn't trapped by the filter.
  15. Mabett | Maverick Fender Flares

    you can get an idea of Mabett quality by the reviews of their many Bronco pieces on Amazon. I'd pass on the their mud flaps.
  16. Electronic parking brake

    sounds a bit like the lane assist/ lane centering debates. please don't feel insulted if you know this, not everyone does. park is a function internal to the transmission. the park pawl engages a gear internally that locks the transmission gears from rotating. in the Mav 8F35, if the pawl wears...
  17. Do you have dual USB-C backseat USB connections??

    throw a couple of these in your cubby, time marches on...
  18. More Ford BS?

    the horror! :eek: