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  1. Wobble when accelerating hybrid

    I’m not sure if this is the right board for this. Very recently my FWD hybrid has started to have a wobble in the steering wheel only when accelerating. It is non existent when doing normal acceleration. It only shows up for example if I’m merging on the highway. steps to notice 3/4-full...
  2. 20k Miles Maverick Hybrid Update!

    So I've just recently passed 20k miles in my XLT Hybrid! I've averaged 40mpg and I drive it hard. I've done some trips in sport mode just to make the commute a little less dreary. It's my personal vehicle, but I also drive for work that officially makes it a work truck. My previous vehicle was...
  3. Pittsburgh Mav Club

    Which one of you tiny truck owners parked next to me? 😆
  4. Found my (almost) twin

    Of course I had to park next to him.
  5. Hybrid XLT - pre/post buy thoughts

    Purchased an XLT Hybrid a few days ago and had a chance to put it though a lot of mixed driving. This is less of a review and more what I was worried about and if it ended up being a problem. 1) Radio is low fi Its not gonna blow your socks off but I think this is unfounded. I actually took...