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  1. From one tiny, red, Ford pickup to another. It still doesn’t even feel real that I have it.

    Thanks for the picture. I always find these a pretty interesting comparison since I had an 02 extended cab Ranger. I especially like the pictures from the front or back where you can tell the width of the two.
  2. Leveled vs Lowered Maverick Side by Side Comparison

    They both look pretty good to me..... guess it just depends on what you are going for.
  3. New Colorado Interior - Seriously Disappointing

    This is contrary to what most reviews are saying..... aside from hard plastic which is acknowledged pretty widely. Surprisingly I don't think I have seen a review yet mention the low seating position, which I would expect if it is a problem since every Tacoma review mentions it's a problem with...
  4. 3% transaction fee for using Ford Reward Visa to make purchase?

    Yeah, starting to see this more and more. A fee for using a CC, all these years most companies have 'ate' the fee they pay the CC companies and now that is changing.
  5. New 2024 Ranger is definitely an option

    I will be interested in it as well. From what I'm hearing/seeing though the rear seat doesn't have any additional legroom compared to the current one. It seems the Maverick has more, so the Ranger has a lot to live up to compared to the Maverick from my eyes.
  6. Sea of Maverick XL's spotted at dealer! 🌊

    Saw something similar last year at a local dealer (don't remember the month but it was within the first 6 months), they had about 20 XL's on the commercial side and it was a 50/50 mix of hybrids and gas
  7. 2023 XLT FWD w/ Eibach Springs, 21” Edge ST Wheels, Spacers, Black Lug Nuts

    Like they mentioned Alto Blue. This was my initial first choice and I still like it a lot, but when I started seeing pictures of it IRL it had so much of the blue/black that I changed my color choice.... that is when I thought I had an order. :confused:
  8. Tripdub's Maverick Build - 3M Matte Wrap, Graphics, Fenders, Spoilers, Deflectors, Level Kit, Toyo AT3, & More

    Really like that wrap.... cool color. What Does something like that cost....if you don't want to say just ignore. :)
  9. Next-Gen 2024 Tacoma Spied Hiding Production Body

    Sound a lot like me.... I want to like the current Tacoma but so many negatives from my perspective and the only positive is the resale value. I am hopeful for this one though as it seems I won't be able to get a Maverick so this is my next possible option.
  10. Pics: Area 51 Maverick XLT w/ Black Appearance Package (BAP)

    Thanks for the clear pictures, especially the wheel. I'm not a big fan of area 51 mainly because there are so many around but the BAP makes me rethink that.
  11. Atlas Blue Maverick w/ Black Appearance Package (BAP) spotted in wild! ❤️‍🔥

    Looks really nice. If I ever end up getting an order that holds this cements my want of BAP
  12. Food for thought ( if you might be tired of waiting on a maverick )

    Interesting fact..... people cross shop different types of vehicles. If you were to research it, most trucks are not used as trucks often.
  13. Couldn’t wait on Ford any longer..

    Glad you like it. At this point I am waiting to find out what the 2024 Tacoma is going to be like and if I like it I am sure I will be able to get one in a semi reasonable time frame. I love the idea of the Maverick but was in the back on my mind semi worried about reliability as my 2014...
  14. My 2023 Shadow Black Maverick XLT (BAP Black Appearance Package) Eco 4k Spoiler Heated Seat Love It!!!

    Really like the BAP, had it on my order that ended up not going through.
  15. Rival news: New 2024 Tacoma to feature Hybrid and Turbo 4 Cylinder engines

    Interesting news, I was really hoping for a higher MPG version of the new Tacoma since it will probably be a lot easier to get ahold of than a Maverick anytime soon. I am willing to pay more for the Tacoma within reason.
  16. Austin, Tx area dealer order experiences?

    Thanks for sharing the experience. Had several friends speak about selling to Carvana, and others... hopefully if I get there, there will be an easy place to sell to if they want to low ball.
  17. Honda/Toyota buyers seeing the "Light"??

    Yeah imagine what could be done if Ford could actually produce enough of them.... I think they could easily sell 150-180K a year
  18. Mavericks now for rent at U-Haul

    Obviously, just the contrast within the last couple of weeks. I had seen more Santa Cruz's around up until that point. But more than anything the fact that half were fleet trucks caught my attention.... like this guy out in a field. :)
  19. Mavericks now for rent at U-Haul

    Within the last couple of weeks I have seen more Mavericks than ever. Up until the last month I had only seen about 4 different ones in the wild. In the last 2 weeks I have seen another probably 8 or so and the funny thing is 4 of them were fleet vehicles for different companies.