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  1. Center console cubby

    I figured out what the center console small cubby is for.
  2. Who says a Maverick is small?

    Saw this the other day while making my deliveries at work. Don't know the actual size but it's definitely smaller than a Mav!
  3. Ford fixed hood shake with foam tube

    Found this while washing Mini today. Guess they heard about the hose insert trick and decided to use foam tube. They put a garment tag through each end to keep it in place. Truck built early April. Sorry if this was posted already.
  4. 18.4 mpg with hybrid

    18.4 mpg more than my old car!! And that's not city driving. Have to travel over two mountains to get to work. AND ac on most of the time! 41.4 on my dash and calculating for fill up. It is my first fill but wow.. can't believe it gets that much for the driving I have to do.. My Rogue only got...
  5. Big brother meets new little sister.

    After a literal 9 month wait, she's finally home! Her name is Mini. Mini Duty! I'll leave the work to the big guy and she'll be my daily driver. Picked her up from Chapman Horsham today. Easy as pie and no pressure upsell of anything. Got the farm rebate but not price protected. Was only $200...