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  1. Leveled vs Lowered Maverick Side by Side Comparison

    The leveled looks great. Lowered on trucks makes it more like a car or SUV. How much was leveling? In inches.
  2. Maverick 'STX' colour matching

    Personally, on a white vehicle, black contrast looks great.
  3. 2022 Maverick - 1 year review @ 14500 miles

    Thanks for that info. Similar in size it looks like.
  4. 2022 Maverick - 1 year review @ 14500 miles

    Very good looking truck! Like to hear your opinions comparing your Maverick to your Frontier.
  5. Rust prevention undercoating?

    I I would recommend the 2 part process called auto armor. I had it done when new. Google Bullet Liner in Green Bay, WI. It will show you their process.
  6. Undercoating / rustproofing Mavericks. RU?

    Bullet Liner uses Auto Armor, like I mentioned. The rustproofing part is a lanolin, waxy spray to get in all the cavities. After it sets, Bullet Liner then sprays a pliable petroleum spray to seal everything, won't crack & deadens road noise. I am very happy with this.
  7. 2023 FX4 lifted 1.5” and mounted 245/70R17 tires

    Very nice. Dealership where you bought Maverick did the lift? Affect warranty at all?
  8. What MPG are you getting with the AWD 2.0 Maverick

    My mechanic said not to drive aggressively until engine breaks in. The piston rings need to set. I also asked him about best oil to use. Ford recommends synthetic blend & he agreed, but said after about 10,000 miles he'd switch to full synthetic.
  9. Best Tire for Comfort/Noise/Longevity?

    What are these stock Continental XLT tires rated in miles of life?
  10. HYBRID Maverick: underhood / undercarriage / underbody - here's a video if you're interested

    Thanks! Do you know what that round, propeller looking part on rear suspension is? Can it be undercoated? Thanks.
  11. Undercoating / rustproofing Mavericks. RU?

    I live in Wisconsin so lot of snow & salt, plus I live in a private dirt/gravel road. So as soon as my Maverick arrived this December 8th. I had Bullet Liner in Green Bay rustproof/undercoat it plus spray-in bed liner. They use Auto Armor, a two step process that sprays a mostly clear waxy...
  12. My Lariat was rear-ended on the way to work. Devastated

    Sorry to hear, I would be seriously disappointed as well. Why until my Maverick I always bought used vehicles. Let us know how much trouble it was getting fixed, etc.
  13. Maverick Constraints List as of January 3, 2023

    It was $500, a two step process, first rustproofing to all hidden areas like inside doors, hood, rockers, tailgate, frame using factory holes, then after that waxy substance dried, they sprayed a flexible substance under entire underbody. Then you can drive it but wait about 10 days to fully...
  14. Maverick Constraints List as of January 3, 2023

    I got rid of my 2022 constraints & got SIBL, undercoating & rustproofing done near me. I ordered a Tuxedo Sentry hard roll-up tonneau cover & Weather tech Mud flaps online, came real quick, & put them on myself. They are both terrific!!!
  15. Body side door moldings for door ding protection?

    Yes, I am interested in thin ones made for Maverick as well, sitting at about mid-door like your photo. Please inform me if anyone finds something like this for Mavericks. Thanks
  16. Will Ford be undercoating our Mavericks?

    My Maverick arrived December 8th. but I had it at Bullet Liner before any slush or salt on roads. I'd keep it as clean as possible then get it rustproofed & undercoated. Bullet uses Auto Armor, check it out.
  17. Wheel well protection

    I had Bullet Liner in Green Bay, WI. rustproof & undercoat my Maverick when it first arrived. They use Auto Armor. Do they get the areas inside of fenders & quarter panels? How do they access these areas? Since Mavericks have Wheel Well liners, how could I get area behind liners coated...
  18. Spotted Iconic Silver Maverick & clear look at undercarriage

    Anyone know what that circular item a little left of center on suspension is? Is it functional?
  19. Bought a XL and I think I'm feeling bad about it.

    I would just add the XLT Painted Aluminum Wheels, standard on XLT. Would look great on your truck!
  20. Bought a XL and I think I'm feeling bad about it.

    I would just add the XLT Painted Aluminum Wheels, standard on XLT. Would look great on your truck!