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  1. "Caleb's iPhone" WTH?

    So I am in the garage playing with various settings and I click BlueTooth Devices and I find my phone, along with an entry for "Caleb's iPhone". The only phone I've added is mine...I don't know a Caleb. So I am wondering if "Caleb" is a Mexican auto worker...or someone at my dealer who wanted...
  2. Ford points strange behavior?

    I picked up my Maverick on 3/8/23. This morning, I saw in my FordPass account that I had received 42,000 points on 3/15/23. It states in the message that they "just hit your account and they're ready to use..." I went to order some accessories today, but all my account shows (3/16/23), is my...
  3. Are RokBlokz the way to go for mud flaps that won't damage paint?

    And if they are, does anyone have a current discount code on them? They seem pretty proud of flat pieces of rubber.
  4. Delivered after 491 days! Alto Blue w/ Black Appearance Package BAP

    My salesman called me at 3:45 PM and said "This is the call you thought you'd never get! My 2023 Lariat Hybrid Lux BAP had arrived! He told me to give him 20 minutes to get it clean and gassed. By 5:45, I had the truck home just before today's snowstorm hit! My Dealer was/is Thunder Basin...
  5. Flat-Towing a Hybrid Maverick

    I'm curious as to how many people plan to Flat Tow their hybrid. I've seen it suggested that the number is "less than 5%", but I believe it is much greater.
  6. Dee-Zee Tailgate Assist on sale at Amazon (limited time offer) 2/18/23

    DEE ZEE DZ43207 Tailgate Assist Fits 22-Current Ford Maverick, Black $28.93
  7. More Tracking nonsense

    After the tracker was changed a couple weeks ago, my truck went from In Production on 1/12/23 to Built...and then dropped back to In Production again when the 5th tracking box was added. The modules were populated and active, and since it is a Lariat, FordPass told me that my Sync3 was also...
  8. Can someone verify what a Lariat Lux Key Fob (push button start) looks like please?

    I like to protect my C-Max push-button start key fob from all the other junk that stays in my pocket. I want to find a cover for the Maverick Fob. There seem to be a few options online, so I'd like to know exactly what my fob will look like so I get the right one for whenever my truck arrives...
  9. Window Sticker - X-plan

    Now that I have a Window Sticker and have spent time learning how to decode some of it, I am puzzled with the "Item #" section. It shows my region 56 (Denver), then my 4 digit order number, and then "O/T" (order type) and "X". Instead of 1 (retail) or 2 (dealer stock), it says "X". I am...
  10. About when does the Window Sticker appear?

    I think this is getting burned into my screen...:D:D:D My latest "Build date" is 1/13/23. I thought I had seen where the WS appears about 10 days before the build date, but I may be wrong as I have CRS a lot of time.
  11. DEACT Climate control... Is the digital readout gone for all, including Lariat?

    I know sometime last year, in the midst of the 2022 MY, Ford removed the digital temperature displays from the DEACT dials due to chip problems. I never did notice if they were removed from all trim levels in 2022, and wonder if it is still gone from 2023 Lariat controls. I know there have...
  12. Anyone discover their cancelled 2022 VIN/re-ordered 2023 as a Priority 99 in the system yet?

    Hopefully, someone here works or has contacts far enough inside a dealership to see when Ford actually starts creating the new 2023 orders for those of us with cancelling 22s. I'm guessing the indication will be seeing a Priority 99 popping up on a new 2023 order at the dealership. Tim Bartz'...