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  1. Real world Maverick Tremor MPG -- What's yours?

    I've got 987 miles on my Mav Tremor and it registers 26.3 MPG which is pretty accurate as I check each fillup. Thats 2 lane paved back roads with some town driving but not a lot of city driving. I live 10 miles from town down a 1/2 mile gravel drive way. I probably drive a little faster than...
  2. 2022 Maverick - 1 year review @ 14500 miles

    Who do you know at Ford--Order in Oct pickup in Feb??? I ordered in Jan reordered in Sept upgraded from FX4 to Tremor and picked up end of Dec! About a week under one year and I felt lucky! You have a beautiful truck. Only have 1,000 miles on mine with no issues and it far exceeds my...
  3. 2022 First Edition delivery after 568 days wait

    JOSH--Pretty truck-good you were blessed with the patience of Job. I think I would have killed someone over the recall! You forgot to order some mud flaps! I ordered some Ford OEM flaps even though they are supposedly a Ford shortage item and got them thru Amazon in 3 days after my truck...
  4. Tremor gas mileage abysmal…what gives

    Got my Tremor the end of Dec. It has 600plus miles and registers 26.2 MPG which is accurate within a tenth or so when I put gas in it-both times! My driving is mostly on 2 lane windy roads-10 miles to town- with a half mile gravel driveway. I'm a happy camper if it stays in the mid 20's over...
  5. Falken Wildpeak Trail 235/65r17 Tires Installed on Hybrid Maverick -- From Dealer to Tire Shop

    I don't know what Ford is thinking with its lousy Continental Tires. With the Maverick there isn't any negotiation room as just getting one is a miracle. However with both my F250 6.7 liter trucks part of the deal was they came with Michelon tires or they exchanged them before I drove it off...
  6. Maverick vs Ridgeline vs Santa Cruz review after taking delivery

    Informative reading your comparison. I checked out the Santa Cruz and Rigeline before I ordered my Mav and came to the same conclusion without the actual experience. Upgraded from a base line XL to an XLT Tremor in Sept when my 22 order wasn't scheduled and got it the end of Dec. 31K for...
  7. Next-Gen 2024 Tacoma Spied Hiding Production Body

    I'm not anti Toyota-I've had 3 Toyotas and 2 Nissons in years past. Toyota's strength has always been their reliability and resale. I actually priced both as I was not sure I was ever going to get my Mav as it was on order for over a year. I can't speak to the new generation Toyota but the...
  8. Next-Gen 2024 Tacoma Spied Hiding Production Body

    My Tremor arrived a month ago and I wouldn't trade it for 6 Toyotas-is 26MPG good enough for you?
  9. Why Buy a Maverick?

    I couldn't agree more--I'm 83 and was brought up by my Grandfather whos philosophy was if you can't pay for it you don't need it. Well I have a F250 6.7 for hauling-a fully decked Ranger for road trips and I wanted a small run around for everyday use-along comes the Maverick at a price point I...
  10. My 2023 Maverick Lariat Tremor (in Avalanche) is Here!

    Owners manual tells you to turn off the traction control if you are stuck in mud or snow as that allows all wheels to turn so I would imagine you could do the same if you were in really crappy conditions!
  11. My 2023 Maverick Lariat Tremor (in Avalanche) is Here!

    I ordered a 22 on 11 Jan and reordered a 23 with the Tremor pkg in Sept. Never got the 22!
  12. My 2023 Maverick Lariat Tremor (in Avalanche) is Here!

    When I picked it up yesterday it had 3 miles on it and I drove it home on a 2 lane hilly twisting back road at between 60 and 65 MPH. Holds the road and takes the curves beautifully-the suspension is a little stiffer than my Ranger but I attribute that to the Tremor package and it has a higher...
  13. My 2023 Maverick Lariat Tremor (in Avalanche) is Here!

    I have some nice pictures--however old guys in my generation(1939) are not computer savvy and I don't know how to upload them unless its to an e-mail address!! e-mail me at [email protected] and I'll try to send you some!!
  14. My 2023 Maverick Lariat Tremor (in Avalanche) is Here!

    Yes the 6.25 is the width---Seats are dark but not a solid color-I guess you could say blackish but not solid black
  15. My 2023 Maverick Lariat Tremor (in Avalanche) is Here!

    Screen is 4x7--Seats are a deep grey with what looks like a dark green weave--not a color itself and hard to describe but they are really striking and WAY nicer than I expected-the material looks well made and could absorb a lot of use although I already bought some sadleman seat covers when I...
  16. My 2023 Maverick Lariat Tremor (in Avalanche) is Here!

    My 22 order had not been built when they opened the portal in Sept so I ordered an XLT so I could add the Tremor package. For whatever reason Ford rolled my 22 order over to my 23 order and put me at the head of the line. I never did get the 22 which I had intended to drive until the 23 was...
  17. My 2023 Maverick Lariat Tremor (in Avalanche) is Here!

    Mine showed up at the dealer Fri and picked it up today. XLT ingot silver with Tremor Everything I had hoped for and more. I think Ford developed it with me in mind!
  18. Any Tremors get scheduled 12/1 for production?

    My XLT Tremor EB was built first week of Dec and is in transit with arrival est 27 Dec-2Jan