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  1. What do you keep in here?

    I added this to my XL. I keep some rope, gloves and bungees there.
  2. What happens if your Maverick derails?

    Good question. Technically, it's not your truck until you pay for it.
  3. Maverick Hybrid is inherently flawed (but I still love it)

    Don't forget that it is a 3/4 ton pickup.
  4. My “ST” Build + Spare Development Corsair 2.3L I4 Turbo Engine

    Kinda reminds me of the days when one would buy a Pinto and horseshoe a small block V-8 into it.
  5. Need Help! Picked up my Maverick today but dealer wants me to pay for dealer installed options after bringing home

    If you didn't order those add-ons, then I would forget about them. If you did order them and they forgot to charge you, let you conscious be your guide. In my neck of the woods, it's not uncommon for dealers to charge $1000 or more for a spray wax job.
  6. 📬 3/16/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING]

    Crickets since 4 NOV 22. Hybrid Order=50% chance; Small Dealer (they had like five vehicles on the lot)= low allocation - - - 50% of 50%=25% chance (Still way better than winning the lottery). Anyone know when the 2024 order banks open? Maybe there will be a plugin AWD Hybrid then?
  7. Oil Change Question

    First oil change at 1900 miles by the dealer (no charge). Next oil change will be at 1 year or 10,000 miles. Which ever comes first. I only use fully synthetic at the weight recommended by the manufacturer (in this case, 0W-20). I've been doing this for years in all my vehicles, zero issues. The...
  8. Hybrid +12V Battery Replacement

    It sounds like it will take a few months to see if this "fix" actually changes things.
  9. Beware: Heat Exchanger not covered under warranty

    Yes on the extended warranty. Though the Maverick is mostly made with parts from other vehicles, it is a new configuration with all expenses spared to make it cheap. I figured I’d be keeping mine for at least 7 years, so I added the 10 year factory (Ford Premium) when I bought the truck. It...
  10. DIY Tailgate Power Lock using Control/Actuator from Ranger

    Two pins from locking mechanism to two wires - is there correct and wrong way to wire (like positive and negative)? Example top pin to purple wire and bottom pin to yellow wire? Or does it matter?
  11. What is behind your back seat?

    . . . the truck bed?
  12. Fella got himself unexpected Lariat goodies on his XLT

    I think this was purposely done to get all the attention is has. However, if I could have ordered a Lariat with cloth seats versus pleather - I would have - instead of an XLT.
  13. Do you have buyers remorse?

    I have an XLT Hybrid on order - it may never come. I had my XL fall into my lap. Added wheels, cruise, perimeter plus alarm, in bed storage cubby and power tailgate. All cost less than a 23 XL (much less than the 23 XLT) - No regrets - I'll probably flip the XLT if is ever get made.
  14. Impressive Cold Weather Performance and MPG in -8F (Hybrid Maverick)

    It's been cold here for California standards (30-50) and I'm down a good 5MPG - not running the heater much as I grew up in the mid-west where 30-50 is a heat wave.
  15. Remote Start retrofit install?

    This was an easy install (I agree with the pretzel part and having to take breaks) - However, my horn keeps beeping (single beep) randomly. I'm wonder if it has to do with the random clicking of valves and relays on the Hybrid. Anyone else having this issue?
  16. Did first oil change in my XL Hybrid…..Easy

    What is the replacement oil filter number? I also typically use a larger filter.
  17. Have a Maverick on Order, decided to borrow one on Turo to see what I think. It wasn't what I hoped it would be

    I second the thought on "My Key" - I had that set up on my Mustang when I let my Kids drive it. Lowered top speed and radio volume. My Hybrid is just as quick as my Ranger V-6 IMHO. The seats are quite comfortable actually. Nope, it's not a luxury vehicle by any means. It's a truck.