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  1. Black Plastic Trim Care?

    The Black plastic trim. What do you use to preserve it.
  2. Practical Ink

    After this no more pics until I can show my truck with a new tonneau and bed lights. Gotta keep it trucky.
  3. Really off topic

    Gotta admire her effort
  4. My Maverick personalization wish list

    I have several things I want to do to personalize my Area 51 XL model. Already Done Add a bed cubby Add a Twelve-volt bed access plug. Wish List Sirius XM Player Nice Mats Tonneau Cover Mud flaps Bed Liner DIB or Spray Brush Bar Way down the line. Free Flow exhaust. But with things as...
  5. Does Trifold Tonneau Cover (when folded up) obstruct view through back window?

    When a trifold tonneau is completely folded up, does it or how much does it obscure the view out the rear window?
  6. Habits after 1000 miles

    Brought it home Feb 1 and now has 1000 miles. I now have the habit of punch the auto stop button to turn it off. I also have gotten use to the what to do with my right hand syndrome. Still impressed with the punch. Got a cubby for the bed. Saving pennies for a bed liner.
  7. Creative Business Names

    I saw some of these, somebody was thinking Beauty Salon: Curl up and Dye Vacuum/ Sewing Machine Repair and sales: Vac man and Bobbin Autobody Shop: Wreck-o-mended And of course:, Sound Advice
  8. Tempted, but what would I do?

    See all images (20) No Accident or Damage Reported CARFAX 1-Owner Personal Use View Free Report Vehicle Features Price $33,999 Year 2022 Trim XL Transmission Automatic Drivetrain All-Wheel Drive Mileage 45 miles Interior color Black Fuel type Gasoline Exterior color White Loan calculator...
  9. Rear sliding window question

    Can these be bought from Ford or and aftermarket seller?
  10. Bed Cubby

    Just picked up a bed cubby for my XL. I am two bolts short though. Are the bolts Ford only or would an Ace Hardware or AutoZone have them.
  11. Spray vs Drop-In Bedliner?

    I have been told that drop in bed liners can hold moister between the bed and the liner, promoting rust That spry in is better. Can I hear from the experts?
  12. Dealer issues

    Would it be helpful to have a list of regional and corporate office phone numbers and address so members could have quick access if they had to go over the dealers head for help?
  13. Pays to shop around.

    Thanks to this sight I got the part number for the little bed cubbies. Called one dealer $61.00 plus tax. Called another $ 44.00. I know everyone at the table has to eat, but not steak on my dime. (Or should that be eggs)
  14. Please provide links when posting mods / add-ons

    I would like to see people who put on extras or mods on their trucks remember to post links as to where they can be obtained if possible.
  15. Real Competition?

    I really think the Sante Fe and possibly the Frontier are the only real competitor with the maverick right now. Anything else is like comparing apples to oranges. Everything else on the market is in a different class. So far I see my Maverick doing what I would need it for quite well. When I...
  16. Ford Soft Tonneau quality?

    Does anyone have a Ford soft tonneau on their Maverick.? What is its quality. I ask because I am looking at tonneau covers. Some soft tonneau covers go for $170. I can use my Ford Pass points and get a cover from the dealer with about a $ 120 dollar difference. If the Ford one is not top...
  17. Side protection strips

    Just thinking. Sometimes it does not go well. Is there a side protection strip that might work. I have head a few times the sheet metal is thin, some on this forum. I have had cars with them. Just wondering.
  18. Dealer said 5000 mile service interval is better ?

    I looked at the 9000-mile oil change. interval. The dealer said 5000 is better. Your thoughts?
  19. $$$ Shocker for OEM 12 volt covers

    I was looking at replacing the 12 volt covers in the bed. I wanted to buy a couple of replacement ones (no plug) as I was going to drill the ones I had and install marine receptacles through them. (The marine receptacles have covers. . I wanted the spares in case I messed it up. WE ll the dealer...
  20. Hi All!

    Got my 2023 Area 51 XL about two weeks ago. I found this site looking for a way to use the cubbies in the bed. I'm sure there are a lot more tricks and hacks that you all can share. I know why they can't keep then in stock. My nephew who works for a Toyota distributor said it had the wrong...