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  1. I’ve sold

    I’ve sold my Maverick. I know some will say get lost. But I wanted to say it’s been a fun forum. And those waiting for a Mav you will love it. Mine was a blast to drive and loved everything about it. I’m moving onto a full size Bronco. Have fun. Great little truck.
  2. Roadside assistance tow distance?

    Anyone know the tow distance. Live chat with Ford is down. Online is no help. Calling roadside leads to commutation through app
  3. Offers dropping. A positive trend beginning?

    Looking at ordering a Bronco. Went on Carvana just to get an offer. Came down 7k since my last check. Offer is still MSRP. That’s good news I hope for other buyers. One would expect new vehicle sales or I meant ADM may come down in the future.
  4. Radio pop

    Anyone else’s radio sound cut out for just a second. Then a pop is heard over all speakers. Sound resumes. Happens with Airplay or radio. No change on display. Happens once a day with limited time I drive. 400miles/month.
  5. MAV spotted on TV

    On Patrol Live last night. In New Mexico. Cyber orange with some graphics and red wheel well lights. Thought it was cool to spot one on TV.
  6. Recommended key ring tool for issue

    Carry a 9mm wrench for battery negative terminal so you can reset the keyless touch entry. Getting old. Will have to visit dealer. Only fails on drivers side. Works on passenger door as a test when it goes out on drivers door. Anyone else take it to dealer and get anywhere with a repair? It’s...
  7. 93 octane

    Decided to fill up with 93 once I got estimate miles down to about 20. Being in mid nineties, thought I would test 93. It does make a difference. Pep picked up noticeably.
  8. Resets/bug. Little annoyed

    At least first 2 issues are rare. Small issue but really shouldn’t have to. Pulled battery cable to reset keyless entry. It quit from drivers door. Later on reset radio because it came on loud and I couldn’t turn it down. Hopefully an update is in the works. More frequent, Apple car play still...
  9. It’s time.

    I must visit Ford, and ask where are my floor mats? Wonder if there will be any ADM since ordering them months ago?
  10. Finally applied this today.. Griot's Garage Ceramic 3-in-1 Wax

    Great product. Paint looks great. Plastic looks well, fantastic. Product actually dries. No residue to was off or streak. One picture shows garage door opener reflection. Pretty dam good. Easy on and off. 2 coats in less than an hour.
  11. Inclinometer

    Does the Mav have one? 9 out of 10 times it automatically applies my parking brake in my driveway. Which has a slight incline.
  12. Ford parts site/invalid url

    Not sure where this thread should sit, but here is my question. So many of the parts on Ford site look like this when you select the item for an in depth look. Just me or anyone else. I’m looking at getting the SYNC 3 screen like I have in my Bronco Sport.
  13. Ford Pass refund

    I know, why don’t I call my dealer. It’s too early plus I need entertainment. Has anyone tried to cancel an order for accessories purchased through dealer and get your points back? I’m looking to get all weather mats somewhere else now. Been long enough waiting.
  14. About to pull trigger Low Pro X15 tonneau cover. Will I hate the Velcro and wish I went with standard old tri fold?

    About to purchase a Low pro x15 from Real truck. Love to low profile and matte finish. Will I hate the Velcro and wish I went with standard old tri fold?
  15. My few dislikes

    After 7 months and 3k miles I know what my dislikes are. Getting going in the Maverick is too slow. Parking brakes switch. Sometimes it is automatically applied. Sometimes I push or pull it the wrong way. Dial shifter. Like nothing about it except it’s out of the way. How will the radio fire up...
  16. Curt now has hitch receiver

    Fits through OEM locationhttps://www.curtmfg.com/part/13504
  17. Any good suppliers for bulk quality carpet?

    I want to carpet over the sound deadening I did in the back of cab. Thinking of going dark blue. And getting rid of black carpet while at it. Any good suppliers for bulk quality carpet out there?
  18. Won’t start by app.

    2nd time since owning vehicle I have tried remote start through the app. Won’t work. I can see oil life and tire pressure. App just spins and after a few minutes app says vehicle failed to start. Any ideas?
  19. Trying this for interior scratch

    Going to try this for protection on blue plastic areas that scuff and scratch...