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  1. Lift kit for hybrid?

    Nothing wrong with being in the minority! I have to admit that, at some times, I've tried a little too hard to be "different." No I just am different :LOL:
  2. Sparco Terra wheel

    Yes, the TPMS worked with no intervention on my part. No, the supplied lugnuts are 3/4". While it's a pain, it does keep me from mixing the nuts up. My Jetta wheels both use the same socket. I noticed that my son now has the bolts all mixed up.
  3. Sparco Terra wheel

    These have blue center caps and TireRack supplied chromed lug nuts. I'm with you: need black and black.
  4. Sparco Terra wheel

    Just bolted my winter wheel/tire setup on. Light gray Sparco Terras with Blizzak WS90s. Both in OEM sizes. Mav is anXLT Hybrid.
  5. Sparco Terra wheel

    Soon. Winter is coming!😁
  6. Which tonneau cover do you prefer?

    BAK Revolver X4S About $850 from Real Truck. Not perfectly waterproof, but pretty good. I'm very happy with it.
  7. Sparco Terra wheel

    I expect you could, but these are my winter wheels. I need to keep the factory TPMS on the factory wheels for summer. That's what we hardy New Englanders do :cool:
  8. Sparco Terra wheel

    Yes , I got the TPMS from TR. Will go out and shoot the lug nuts. Haven't even opened that box yet :) Now edited with pics. I'd prefer if the lug nuts had a matte rather than polished finish. Maybe I'll change them later. I'll see how distracting they are when I install the wheels.
  9. Sparco Terra wheel

    I was thinking the same thing when looking at them last night; they definitely trend more toward silver than many "gray" wheels. Yet they are somehow "non-metallic" in their finish that makes them not silver.
  10. Sparco Terra wheel

    Confirming the Sparco decals came off easily. 30s from the heat gun on each letter and peeled off with a fingernail. Didn't even need googone. No pics on the truck till snow season.
  11. Road Noise is horrible in the Maverick 2.0

    how's the road noise in that Super7? :ROFLMAO:
  12. Lift kit for hybrid?

    including the right not to invest in designing and tooling a product that very few people will buy. Majority of people who want lifts want 4WD and have therefore purchased Ecoboost Mavs. It's that simple.
  13. 450 Days!!! - I received my Maverick!!

    Pics or it didn't happen:D
  14. Did anybody else get an airbag recall today?

    Got mine this week. Side curtain airbag. Risk of ejection if the airbag doesn't deploy. BFD. I wear my seat belt so I won't be ejected in any case! Pisses me off that cars are engineered to protect people who refuse to use available measures to protect themselves! This is coming from a guy who...
  15. What is the length of 2 x 8" board to use as divider?

    Indeed. I went 10" but now think a 2×4 would be best in most situations.
  16. Any recommendations for Maverick rims???

    Dude, you're pimping these wheels all over this forum (not that I don't agree they look great on a Mav). I have to wonder if you have some skin in these game.
  17. What is the length of 2 x 8" board to use as divider?

    True dat. Then you won't have interference from cover rails. Really you want to keep stuff from sliding around and you don't need height for that usually.
  18. XLT vs. Lariat Debate

    Om not going to read 17 pages, so sorry if my comments are redundant. I went XLT I hate machined wheels. I didn't like the shoe fake-leather interior in the Lariat. I don't commute in heavy traffic so I don't care about ACC (besides I actually like driving). I find the sound system in the...
  19. What is the length of 2 x 8" board to use as divider?

    Don't know as I have a hard roll up which has locking rails thay are narrower than the board slots. No need to worry. You can make it work either way.
  20. What is the length of 2 x 8" board to use as divider?

    I had to notch the top of the board too to clear the tails of my X4S bed cover. So if your installing a cover, consider whether it intrudes in to the bed space.