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  1. People who had a Ranger before the Maverick

    Completely agree with your assessment. I had a 98 Splash Ranger XLT extended cab 6 cylinder and a 08 Yaris as my commuter car. The Maverick XL Hybrid combines both for me with lots of extras. I’m very happy with this vehicle it is comfortable enough, with enough utility for me and has great mileage.
  2. DIY Trash Can Using FITS

    All well and good, I’m not really going to have any trash in my Maverick. In the off chance that I do have a candy wrapper or such, it will leave with me at the earliest opportunity.
  3. Hybrid Owners: Have you had any issues that lead to warranty repairs?

    Huh? I never heard of this forum until I bought my truck and use it daily now…
  4. New owner and looking for accessories

    I have Smartliner floor mats and a SIBL as an offset to paying over MSRP. The Ford trifold cover for the bed, but it does leak a little here and there. Liners for all the consol and door storage from Amazon. Bed cubbies, sun shade and bug deflector from Ford with the points And so cash. Lasfit...
  5. Bed cubbies before or after spray in

    Thanks, it is the truck and the holes that were covered by the SIBL so I will need to drill them out at some point. The cubbies themselves are just fine.
  6. Dang squirrels chewed through wires!

    i leave my hood up from January 1 through March 31st which is nesting season here. It is a pain in the backside, but chea than the $4k repair bi we had with the wife’s Nissan Rogue.
  7. Windshield Sun Shade?

    I went with the Ford Accessory and used my points for it. Essentially got it for free.
  8. Rodent Repellent… Electric hookup on Hybrid?

    Above is the one with the C batteries. They also offer one that takes AA batteries, but supposedly it doesn't last as long. Here is the link for that one as well: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07VKBHH15/ref=emc_b_5_t Thank You!
  9. Rodent Repellent… Electric hookup on Hybrid?

    If you have a link to the one with the C batteries please share if possible.
  10. Rodent Repellent… Electric hookup on Hybrid?

    We just leave our hoods up between January 1st and March 31st each year during squirrel nesting season. My wife's Nissan Rogue sustained $4K in damage from the "charming" little fellows making a nest.
  11. 600 Miles Per Tank Hybrid Maverick club

    Not yet for me, but I am getting fairly close and I really enjoy the truck so all good.
  12. Filling the tailgate gap ?

    Thanks for sharing this video. I will be putting on a seal when we get some better weather.
  13. Replaced front door speakers well worth it for cheap

    That’s the time for a blast of classical music at full volume. 🤣
  14. Dee-Zee Tailgate Assist on sale at Amazon (limited time offer) 2/18/23

    Thanks, if I didn’t already have one installed I would grab that deal.
  15. Aftermarket audio controls trim piece: Excellent

    Interesting, thanks for sharing.
  16. Cab spoiler installed

    Looks Great 👍
  17. Threads we see again, and again, and again, and again (personal favorites)

    Jeepers, folks are coming to this dedicated forum for help with an issue they feel important regarding their new or soon to be new truck and snarky criticism is what is offered in this thread? Perhaps no one has mentioned to you that you are free to simply scroll on past posts you find to be of...
  18. Warning about tall water bottles stored in the driver side door

    I completely agree. The door storage is useless in my opinion. I would never put anything in there beyond a pack of facemarks or gas receipts.
  19. What should Ford change on the 2023 / 2024 Maverick

    I would like hand crank windows. Deeper door pockets. larger sun visors. Eliminating the useless dash cubby. A real shifter. Plastic that doesn’t scratch when you look at it.