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  1. Rear sensors

    Put some electrical or plastic tape on them and try it out? The aftermarket set that I bought states in the installation instructions that they can be painted - don‘t know if OEM’s are the same.
  2. Windshield Alignment Pin - photo?

    Is that the top left corner of the windshield?
  3. Mabett | Maverick Fender Flares

    I think that they are too tall and should stop at the crease in the body line, not go past it onto the fender.
  4. More Maverick XLT Fleet Spotted @ Two Rivers Ford

    French Taunter. :rolleyes:(y)
  5. Console Removal Link?

    Is there a thread or link anyone can post for details on removing the center console? I did some searching and haven’t had any luck yet.
  6. More Maverick XLT Fleet Spotted @ Two Rivers Ford

    Jeez, this awful post made me go back and check and I was off a few weeks. Re-reading the post and all I can picture is the French taunter from Monty Python. -Lightning was actually 5 months with Mar. ‘22 build and Aug. ‘22 deliver. -F150 and the 3 Mavericks were all Sept ‘22 build with Jan &...
  7. More Maverick XLT Fleet Spotted @ Two Rivers Ford

    Pretty sure it is because its much better for Ford’s margin, customers get what they really want & return and the market would be even worse if the dealers held every build in their hands.
  8. More Maverick XLT Fleet Spotted @ Two Rivers Ford

    I am glad there is a dealer parking lot full of fleet trucks, as that is a good indicator that production is cranking along better than it had been in the past. That photo of all those Mavericks should make people happy to see it. It’s common knowledge that the hybrid trucks are just going to...
  9. More Maverick XLT Fleet Spotted @ Two Rivers Ford

    No, I mentioned that I understand your point and it seems like you really need your truck. Ford doesn’t really want angry customers that are pissed because they can’t yet give their money to them and start wearing out their new vehicles that will need to be maintained/repaired/replaced.
  10. More Maverick XLT Fleet Spotted @ Two Rivers Ford

    Baldboy, Come to think of it, maybe your dealer or order spec is holding up your build? I ordered a Ford Lightning, a ‘23 F150 and 3 Ecoboost Mavericks over the past twelve months and each of them came in within 3-4 months of placing the orders.
  11. More Maverick XLT Fleet Spotted @ Two Rivers Ford

    I understand your point, but these large fleet customers need their vehicles badly. I know of one large fleet that buys 200 Ford trucks every month and have done this for a long, long time - due to supply chain and pandemic, Ford had been allocating them only 14 per month even as late as January...
  12. Painted my Eibach lift springs in black

    Curious what you think of the springs once installed - I’m enjoying having the extra clearance. The ride with the new springs and larger tires makes it feel and ride like a mini F150 instead of a car and I love it.
  13. Painted my Eibach lift springs in black

    I could understand wanting them painted. They are very noticeable on the fronts, but doesn’t look weird on my silver truck.
  14. Adjustable Camber Bolt Questions.

    No argument on that - what I was trying to get across is that you CAN install them as a locking tab washer (in blue) hooked over the edge of the lower strut mount To keep them from rotating once torqued. Especially when sitting there wondering where your instructions are.
  15. Adjustable Camber Bolt Questions.

    Tab angled away from strut meaning ‘sticking out’. You can also install it angled in almost like a locking washer. If you get what I’m getting at - but once you see the instructions it pretty freaking clear. Thanks again for that link.
  16. Adjustable Camber Bolt Questions.

    Now it’s simple - exactly what I’ve been searching for! Thanks much for linking install instructions @NoVaJimmy If link is dead down the road: -Upper bolt hole -Tabbed washer at the bolt head -Tab angled away from strut and 180° from cam lobe
  17. Custom Paint Maverick Sighting

    I saw a couple of root beer brown XL‘s near you OP over in Plainville/New Britain. Not certain if they were fleet ordered or wrapped for the construction company that owns them.
  18. Adjustable Camber Bolt Questions.

    Not sure why photos are needed MavMan? Just hoping to confirm in which order and location these camber adjusting bolts get installed. Seems really straight forward except that they fit in both locations and can go together in either order and orientation.