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  1. Spotted…great chuckles ensued

    Duh. Thanks.
  2. Frameless & wireless homelink mirror installed

    Found one here. $120 and change delivered. https://www.bamwholesaleparts.com/oem-parts/toyota-genuine-toyota-frameless-homelink-mirror-pt374-00210-oem-pt37400210
  3. Spotted…great chuckles ensued

    What am I missing?
  4. Any Maverick owners with NO problems / issues so far?

    took delivery 10/27/21; 3k miles as of today; zero problems.
  5. Eibach Pro-Lift-Kit

    I’m coming to this conversation late, but I have an AWD XLT Ecoboost ‘22 Maverick you can use for any skunkworks / fitment testing necessary. You guys installed a lift/level kit on my Colorado four years ago and it ruled. Is Mark in marketing still at Eibach? He was hugely helpful. DM me if...
  6. So Cal Maverick meet up

    For good times, check out Wildomar OHV park on the South Divide Road at the top of Ortega Highway.
  7. So Cal Maverick meet up

    Pick a spot—somewhere with dirt roads, perhaps? Big Bear, Idyllwild, etc. I’ve been driving mine since Halloween, but haven’t been anywhere fun (Got my knee replaced four days after taking delivery of the new whip. Surgeon didn’t clear me for vehicle operation until January 6, so I’ve got to...
  8. Buy outright or max out the 3 year, 0% from Ford?

    What @PNWMaverick said. I did exactly that with the $27k my local Chevy dealer game me for my 5-year-old Colorado: • $15k down on the ‘22 Maverick, the balance of $32k OTD on 0% Ford credit • Gave my day-trading old lady $12k and said “do something smart with it.” • She bought $6k in Dogecoin...
  9. Custom Tailgate Tie Down That Work With Tailgate Assist Installed (Recovers Lost Tiedown)

    @Chandonnet I DM’ed you. great product. Let’s make a deal…
  10. Anyone install Rough Country 1" Leveling Kit?

    Yes I have. Ordered directly from the manufacturer. Paid $350 to my local alignment and monster truck hop-up shop. Tires shown are 235/65-17 Goodyear Wrangler AT’s Leveling kits are the first thing I install on every truck I own. I hate the stink bug look.
  11. California Steel Rims Wheels from Ford Maverick 17” 5x108

    Are these rims still available? I can Paypal you cash and pick them up Saturday, February 12 (day before Superbowl).
  12. New Here and New Order

    Saw your thread headline and came to say I’m a huge fan of New Order. Saw them two years after Ian Curtis killed himself at Billy Barty’s Roller Disco Fantasy in Fullerton, CA, January 1983. Ian killed himself on the eve of Joy Division’s first US tour in England, not at Billy Barry’s Roller...
  13. Harold here

    I originally posted this in the Cactus Grey thread where it died on page 48, so I’m giving it a bump on my member intro. Moderators can merge or delete if that’s not kosher… I finally saw my second Ecoboost FX4 in town today (mine was the first). It was black. Not a fan—too much of a heat...
  14. CACTUS GRAY Maverick Club

    I finally saw my second Ecoboost FX4 in town today (mine was the first). Black. Not a fan. I ordered Cactus Grey sight unseen late June last year, and DID. NOT. ONCE. Worry about it being too minty, too drab, too green, too (fill in the blank) for my eclectic blue-collar tastes. After joining...
  15. What companies will buy the stock FX4 tires for credit towards new tires?

    I sold them locally on OfferUp. Got $170 cash (well below most of the trade-in amounts in this thread), but helped a guy who needed them more than I did—his ‘87 Toyota was rolling on Baldini Maypops. Pay it forward…
  16. Lug Nut Size

    Adding my two cents to the lug nut debate: I bought these on eBay One-piece design, black electroplated finish (not paint, not powder, something different). Also available in chrome if that’s your jam. I made the switch to one-piece lug nuts for two reasons: • dudes on this board seem to...
  17. How long did it take to get your mavericks? I ordered mine 11/20

    Built it online June 27 Rec’d notification from FoMoCo early July Visited the delivery dealer early October to ask if they needed a deposit (answer was no—we’ll call you when it arrives) Got that call October 24 (I was out of town) Took delivery October 27 what’s that? Four months…
  18. Harold here

    115k as of 2020, probably +10k more in the previous two years. It’s truly the jewel of SoCal’s Inland Empire, but that’s not saying much: as you know we’re surrounded by trailer parks, Orange groves, cactuses and rocks. Wine country has become A cash cow for the city and a vacation...
  19. Harold here

    That’s us. Bill and I have been partners since 1991, and and fans of Monkey Wipes from day one! What happened to those jewels? They ruled
  20. Harold here

    I’m a soon-to-be 60-year-old man who fell in love with Ford’s diminutive pickup when I saw it online late June of last year. I built one online that day, and didn’t think much more about it until the email notifications started flowing in from FoMoCo. I had a bought-and-paid-for 2017 4WD Chevy...