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  1. Actually had a pleasant buying experience with Apple Ford in Maryland. A few suggestions for those who have not picked up yet.

    Order July 15 built in January delivered March 22nd. Maverick hybrid Lariat with luxury package Moon roof area 51. OK so we did have to remind them about the price guarantee but any “inconsistencies ” we pointed out on the price sheet they were quick to rectify. We paid what we expected to back...
  2. Took Delivery of our Alto Blue Maverick Lariat Hybrid today - Pics and thoughts

    thank you for posting all this. Super odd about the rear mats
  3. The Truth on Dealer Mark Up… right from the General Manager

    Wow I am in MD also. I hope I have an honest dealer. I thought all the hybrids being built right now were for individual orders not dealers inventory. My hybrid Lariat with the moon roof and luxury package is being built right now and I’m hoping 1, they sell it to me at the price they told me...
  4. If you’re having trouble with the vehicle order tracking.

    Hi we couldn’t get the order tracking to work. I called Ford and the young lady said they were having trouble with it but she used my information and was able to get in . She suggested that we delete our browsing history. It worked. In Google Chrome close all your open windows, you go up to the...
  5. Suprise review! How the Maverick holds up to a T-Bone accident! Edited with phitos of other car

    I am so glad you are both ok. Thank you for posting. I still do not have our truck. Being built this week(hope) reading this makes me feel better about its safety.
  6. 📣 11/18 Scheduling Email Received Group [Emails showing up]

    Time email was received (include time zone!) - 2:40 EST Your scheduled build week - Jan 10 All relevant build info - Area 51, hybrid, lariat, lux , moonroof, bed extender, co-pilot 360, Your region, if comfortable- Maryland Your original order date - July 14, 2021 Dealer (e.g., Chapman, Horsham...
  7. Autoline: Maverick Could Become a Cult Classic (roundtable discussion w/ Maverick marketing manager and chief engineer)

    I am a whole lot closer to 60 then 35. i’ve never owned a pick up truck, but being “older” I’m looking forward to not having to get my kayaks on the roof of my subaru anymore and being able to transport my recumbent bike more easily. I think Ford Will do well with both demographics.
  8. Autoline: Maverick Could Become a Cult Classic (roundtable discussion w/ Maverick marketing manager and chief engineer)

    I thought this was an interesting conversation with the Ford Maverick marketing manager and chief program engineer. Had some information about the Maverick I haven’t come across other places.