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  1. Family-use review of Ford Maverick (Micah Drives)

    Micah Muzio of KBB does his own YouTube series of reviews. He's fun to watch, and he brings his family along. His latest is on the Mav.
  2. Removing Visor Stickers

    This would cover up the stickers: Kartisen Car Sun Visor Organizer As well as add even more storage. Things like this are a matter of preference, though. Takes away from the clean look you may be going for.
  3. 1" Leveling Kit from Rough Country now available for Ford Maverick - Part # 51063

    Definitely improves the stance. Adding that to my "If-Then" list for my potential Mav purchase.
  4. Ford Maverick vs. Hyundai Santa Cruz | Small-Truck Comparison Test | Price, Towing, Specs & More

    Nothing shocking here - about what you'd expect. The Mav is the winner for bargain hunters in my opinion. Looking for a car with some truck-ish functionality? Then go Santa Cruz. Surprised by the MPG he got in the Santa Cruz.
  5. Live Pics: Tucci Maverick at SEMA 2021

    Same. Not a fan of the look. Except, I do like the body-color crossbar in the grill.
  6. Fully Electric Maverick EV hint dropped by Ford??

    I'm actually really hopeful that an an all electric (or at least PHEV) Maverick appears in the next 3 years. Not buying any car for at least that long, but at that time that's what I'd like to drive.
  7. Your age / occupation?

    Vietnam War vets got incredibly short shrift. Thank you for serving our country, especially in such a turbulent time.
  8. Your age / occupation?

    I amTHIIIIISSSS many years old and I do things for a living. To be less obtuse, I am of an age to be a vet of Gulf Wars 1&2, as well as the Afghan war (the U.S one, not the British one.) And I do computer stuff now, post military retirement.
  9. Storage bin behind center stack screen

    My daughter recently bought a 2001 4Runner and she told me "it has a funny little drawer in the dash". "Um, sweetie, that's an ashtray." "EEEWWW"
  10. Storage bin behind center stack screen

    Looking at it from this view it really appears that they either: 1)Planned on installing a larger screen or, 2)Are planning to install a larger screen.
  11. Girl Truck?

    Back in the mid-80's I knew "girls" (young women, 20's) who drove dually Fords. And "girls" who drove VW convertibles. You know what, drive whatever the heck you want and ignore the haters. Except, guys? NEVER drive a VW Rabbit convertible. Just... don't. :p
  12. DIY bed liner

    I DIY'd a roll-on bedliner in a '91 Isuzu pickup I once owned (now THAT was a compact truck!) Word to the wise: Prep the bed per the instructions, then prep it again. For the money the liner did it's job. I wasn't going to pay to have one sprayed-in (after all, I only paid $4000 for the truck -...
  13. Aftermarket spray in bed liner cost?

    Nice! I'm hearing good things about Bullet. And they covered that lip at the front of the bed, right next to the glass. The Mavs I've seen on dealer lots had the spray-in, but that lip was NOT covered.
  14. Aftermarket spray in bed liner cost?

    All very true and excellent points. Always get a quote first, regardless.
  15. Regular or premium gas??

    Regular is fine. Only go to a higher octane if your engine knocks.
  16. Aftermarket spray in bed liner cost?

    I got a Line-X spray-in liner for my '17 Titan (6.5' bed) completed for ~$500. This was three years ago in Hatbox, PA. I can't see it costing any more than that for the Maverick's bed.
  17. No Trunk Anxiety

    I had the swing-out box in my Titan. Great for small-ish things and a lot sturdier than I expected. Still a bit pricey (I paid $190 for mine) and the locking latch on it is a joke. It's NOT for anything of value. Also had the BAK Revolver bed cover (the roll-up, like the one Ford offers.) That...
  18. What are you towing with your Maverick?

    Popup trailer (~1500#) and a small boat ( not bought yet). I probably won’t need the 4k package.
  19. What will you name your Maverick

    Jim Rockford.